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Zwift opens virtual Richmond UCI Road World Championships course

Zwift opens virtual Richmond UCI Road World Championships course

Zwift, the leading online gaming platform for indoor cyclists, last week launched the first ever virtual UCI Road World Championships course. Zwift’s course, a 3D digital representation of the Richmond 2015 16.2K (10 mile) road race circuit, is now open to the public and pros alike, to ride at home.

Zwift partnered with Richmond 2015, organizer of this year’s UCI Road World Championships, with the aim of opening up Richmond and the 2015 world championship course to the world. Now the world’s top cyclists together with Zwift’s global user base can develop a familiarity of the world championship course, by connecting their existing devices (trainers, power meters, heart rate monitors, etc.) to Zwift software – still available as a free Beta download to Mac or PC.

“What’s not to like about this?” said Zwift Co-Founder and CEO Eric Min. “For the first time ever, anyone, anywhere, with some pretty basic equipment and an internet connection will be able to test themselves on a 3D version of the course that will be used for the UCI Road World Championships.

“As we approach one year in Beta, this project is the perfect tribute to our global user base. They’ve helped us to create an awesome product and now they can come together in their thousands on the world championship course.”

With more than two-dozen corners, a handful of punchy climbs and cobbled sections worthy of Belgium, the Richmond course should be as exciting for the global community on Zwift as well as the lucky few who earn the right to race the UCI Road World Championships. The course will be live on Zwift on the following dates: 1-8 September, 13-15 September and 20-27 September.

Zwift, currently a free Beta download to Mac or PC, uses multiplayer video game technology to deliver a fun, social and entertaining indoor cycling experience. Zwift is enhanced by iOS and Android apps and rides can be uploaded to fitness tracking services such as Strava, Garmin Connect and Training Peaks.




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