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2XU splashes out as swim sponsor for both Challenge Denmark races in 2016

2XU triathlete

Apparel and wetsuit specialist 2XU has been confirmed as the official sponsor for both swim courses at Challenge Billund-Herning and Challenge Fredericia in Denmark this year. As the events’ organising team points out, ‘This means that the courses will be covered with the famous X from 2XU.’

“2XU are known for their high quality wetsuits – perfect for the triathlon discipline – and we are therefore ecstatic to have them on our team for both Challenge Billund-Herning and Challenge Fredericia,” said Event Director Claus Vesterby.

“For 2XU the partnership with Challenge Denmark is important to get 2XU familiarized in a satisfactory and timely manner,” added Erik Eriksen, Country Manager for 2XU Denmark. “Challenge Denmark is a perfect partner who, like 2XU sets the quality of product and execution very high.”




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