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ACTIVE and ViralStyle provide direct-to-participant event merchandising


ACTIVE Network has introduced an event-branded merchandising feature for endurance event organizers. The aim is to provide event organizers with a technology solution for creating, selling and delivering their own branded event merchandise to generate revenue for their events.

The merchandising feature is integrated with the ACTIVEWorks Endurance platform. According to ACTIVE, it provides event organizers a risk-free opportunity to drive merchandise revenue. With this new ACTIVEWorks Endurance functionality, event organizers can now offer and deliver customized and personalized event-branded merchandise directly to their participants at a lower cost and without having to manage fulfilment.

Through an alliance with Viralstyle, a leading social commerce platform that allows people to easily create, share, buy and sell their apparel and accessory designs, event organizers can design event-branded merchandise that can be ordered and shipped directly to participants by Viralstyle as part of ACTIVE Network’s online registration process.

Enabled jointly by ACTIVE Network and Viralstyle, the solution manages the entire merchandising fulfilment life cycle for events of all sizes. Because participants place their orders directly through Viralstyle as part of ACTIVE Network’s online registration process, the solution ‘eliminates the need for event organizers to pay upfront inventory costs or handle logistics related to event-branded merchandise for participants.’

ACTIVE adds that there is also no minimum volume requirement for inventory orders, so organizers won’t finish their event with unsold merchandise. Additionally, ACTIVE tracks merchandising sales activity and delivers data insights to help organizers determine their increased revenue as a result of the merchandise sales, which should help organizers make decisions for their future events.

“With the addition of this innovative, on-demand merchandising feature to ACTIVE Network’s comprehensive event management platform, event organizers can continue monetizing their branded merchandise while eliminating unsold inventory risk,” said Sam Renouf, General Manager for Sports at ACTIVE Network.

“As part of ACTIVE’s commitment to delivering comprehensive event life-cycle management solutions, we’ve introduced this merchandising feature so that organizers can focus more time providing their participants with a superior event experience and less time on merchandise and inventory fulfilment logistics.”

“We’re excited to work with ACTIVE to bring on-demand event merchandising to their customers,” said Viralstyle co-founder, Thomas Bell. “The integration benefits both event organizers and participants, as it combines ACTIVE’s superior event management platform with Viralstyle’s industry-leading inventory management, printing, production, customer service, and shipping capabilities.”

Event organizers who utilize the merchandising feature can select from more than 20 apparel and accessories options. They can upload a customized design, logo, text and colour selection to enable participants to purchase a personalized item. ACTIVE customers with Premium and Elite ACTIVEWorks Endurance subscriptions can now turn on this new merchandising support option by logging into their ACTIVEWorks account.

ACTIVE Network is a leading global marketplace for activities and events, connecting participants and activity organizers, while offering data solutions and insights to help organizers drive increased participation and revenue.

ACTIVE Network annually processes nearly 100 million registrations and more than US$3billion in payments for over 42,000 organizers and 650,000 activities and events worldwide. Founded in 1999, ACTIVE Network is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.




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