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ACTIVE bundles up three tiers of technology offerings

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ACTIVE Network, which is billed as ‘the premier global marketplace for activities and events and the industry’s leading provider of data solutions’, has unveiled new bundled technology solutions for event directors with tiered pricing to support the different needs of varying types of events.

With this new approach, ACTIVE aims to create ‘opportunities for event directors to grow their revenue, connect with potential event sponsors, increase participation, reduce costs and gain greater market and wallet share.’ The new bundled solutions are available immediately.

Realizing that one size does not fit all, ACTIVE adds that this tiered approach enables event directors to choose the level of features and services that fit their specific needs and, subsequently, move into new levels as their events and revenue grow.

Event directors have access to the ACTIVEWorks Endurance, ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud and ACTIVE Network Virtual Event Bags platforms, as well as access to promote and market their events to ACTIVE’s global database of opted-in participants through its consumer site, ACTIVE.com.

ACTIVE notes that its technology and data insights platforms offer event directors actionable insights and marketing services to grow their events and create an easy process for their participants and their organization before, during and after registration.

“From the world’s largest multi-sport series to the smallest local fun run, we have configured our entire technology platform and marketing services to fit each event organizer’s specific needs,” said Sam Renouf, General Manager for Sports at ACTIVE Network.

He continued, “ACTIVE’s suite of technology and data solutions goes beyond the industry-standard model of online registration software and now empowers event directors to reach new participants and stay on top of an increasingly competitive market. Our new technology and marketing services bundle revolutionizes how event directors handle the complexities of event management, and makes it easier than ever to partner with ACTIVE.”

With these new offerings, ACTIVE argues that event directors can ‘organize event logistics in anticipation of their event so they can execute a better event day, and reflect on their events to improve and expand in the future.’

ACTIVE Network is a leading global marketplace for activities and events, connecting participants and activity organizers, and offering business intelligence through a data solutions and insights platform that helps organizers drive increased participation and revenue.

ACTIVE Network annually processes nearly 100 million registrations and more than US$3 billion in payments for over 47,000 organizers and 200,000 activities and events worldwide. Its enterprise-level ACTIVEWorks platform offers organizers SaaS technology that streamlines the administration of activities and events.

The ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud platform combines data analytics and business intelligence tools to provide actionable insights that help organizers better manage their events and increase participation.

Founded in 1999, ACTIVE Network is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.




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