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Age group triathletes hitting a high note with Altium i10

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Altium i10, the specialist altitude simulator used by world class athletes through to endurance sport enthusiasts, has reported a number of performance gains registered by athletes using the device.

Athletes on the Hartree JETS Ecosse performance triathlon squad have been using the Altium i10 portable altitude simulator in recent months. The squad is managed by coaching legend Joel Enoch to develop triathlon talent in the Edinburgh region of Scotland. With the help of Altium i10, a number of impressive performance gains have been made:

  • Squad athlete Liz Richardson said, “I work full time, so can’t put in the training hours that pro triathletes can. But after two months of using Altium-i10 I’ve seen big gains in aerobic efficiency: I’ve swum 200m and 400m PBs, and in my bike power test my wattage increased by 22% even though my heart rate was 5% lower. My coach says this level of improvement is remarkable in such a short space of time. I’m raring to go for race season now! Altium-i10 is a great tool for time-pressed triathletes.”
  • Age group athlete Mike Goddard said, “I have been using the Altium i10 for two months. I have found it easy to use and have taken the opportunity to undertake a controlled bike power test before and after this period of usage. This test (using the CP20 protocol for measuring Functional Threshold Power – FTP) has seen a gain of 22 watts in average power output. Although some of this gain may be attributed to the consistency of training, the quantum of the improvement is significantly higher than at any time in the past five years of my triathlon training. I am very optimistic that the continued use of the Altium i10 will contribute to a very successful 2016 triathlon season culminating in the ITU Age Group World Championships in Mexico in September.”
  • Another Hartree JETS team member, Martin Gore said, “Since using the Altium i10 at the start of this year I have found that I am getting stronger. During swim sessions, I’m finding that I am stronger as the session goes on and find that I am stronger in the longer reps than I used to be. My biking is benefiting in a similar fashion. At a recent training camp in Lanzarote, I found that during climbing sessions I was able to push bigger gears and ride at higher power outputs for sustained efforts than I think I have ever done. Also this week we retested threshold power, which resulted in an increase in average power and a decrease in average heart rate in comparison to the previous test two months ago.”
    He continued, “My running is the strongest out of the three triathlon disciplines. I was pleasantly surprised recently when racing the Scottish Cross Country Championships where I recorded one of my best finishes. This was very unexpected as I had been suffering from shin splints for over a month and hadn’t done the quality and quantity of running that I would have liked to have done. I think that the training that I was doing, coupled with using the Altium i10 was a big factor in this performance.”

Hartree JETS Ecosse performance triathlon squad

Alan Montgomery, Director at Altium i10 elaborated on the device’s benefits. He noted, “It’s well recognized that at high altitude, athletes have a reduced amount of oxygen that they are able to breathe in. This then triggers the body to improving oxygen efficiency.

“With Altium i10, we’ve developed a tool that works to simulate altitude, and thus improve oxygen efficiency and overall endurance. It’s fantastic to see the results come through across a diverse group of age group athletes.”

Montgomery added, “We look forward to seeing more and more athletes continue to smash their personal bests – getting the best from the Altium i10 device and beating their rivals on race day!”

Improving oxygen uptake is key to boost cardiovascular fitness. The Altium i10 device measures and reduces the oxygen concentration that an athlete breathes in. Over an initial period of 28 days, with an athlete using the device at rest for one hour a day, every other day, the body adapts to improve oxygen flow to the muscles.

Officially launched in September 2015, at the Cycle Show in Birmingham, UK, Altium i10 has been making waves across the endurance sport community in recent months. The Altium i10 is currently being used by keen amateur athletes competing at age-group level, along with elite cyclists, runners and triathletes aiming for the Olympic Games and the pinnacle of their chosen international sport.

Altium i10 is billed as ‘The performance edge you have been searching for’. It offers a way of physically stressing the body to simulate altitude without overloading the body. It is positioned as a convenient and alternative method of training that simulates the benefits of being at altitude.




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