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ASICS challenges all athletes to ‘WANT IT MORE’


ASICS aims to deliver its ‘most provocative and inspiring brand campaign yet’ with ‘WANT IT MORE’, a direct call for all athletes to step up their training efforts and realize ever-greater achievement. Focusing on how far athletes across all sports — and of all ages — will go to reach their goal, the campaign is designed to support ASICS’ global strategy to expand its footprint beyond running and reach a wider, younger audience.

Importantly, the campaign also paves the way for new product launches across multiple categories including Running and a new Training collection. Both will feature technological advancements from ASICS Institute of Sport Science, that aim to deliver improved performance, style and comfort.

Launching today at asics.com/wantitmore, the ‘WANT IT MORE’ campaign kicks off with an open letter inviting the community of professional and amateur athletes to come together through their shared dedication to achieve a goal at #wantitmore. This fully-integrated campaign will be published across ASICS social media outlets.


From 1 March and throughout 2016, the ‘WANT IT MORE’ digital platform will keep pace with the annual sporting calendar, and inspire the community to stay motivated during workouts via two key components:

  • Fitter in :15 Campaign – Focusing-in on the hard work of training, the Fitter in :15 campaign will kick off on 1 March with a community-building effort featuring a collection of fifteen-second training optimization films that reveal different ways to take workouts to the next level. With tips and challenges from ASICS’ elite roster of sponsored athletes, experts, coaches and training influencers, these films will live on the ASICS Instagram account, aiming to offer a feed of useful content.
  • Train-offs – Emphasizing the competitive spirit in sport, the campaign will also feature ’train-offs’, short films in which athletes – from pros to influencers to everyday athletes –demonstrate how hard and far they can train, and then challenge each other to train-offs all posted to #wantitmore. As the year progresses, ASICS will shift from sponsored-athlete train-offs toward challenging the world to try and ’out-train’ its elite athletes.



ASICS adds that ‘WANT IT MORE’ taps into the heart and soul of the ASICS brand, encouraging athletes of all ages and abilities to push themselves to their limits in order to better their best. For over 60 years, the company notes that it has remained ‘committed to youth and hope through sport by driving technological innovation that supports athletes’ tireless pursuit of continuous improvement.’

“With this campaign, ASICS aims to inspire and motivate athletes to reach their goals,” said Paul Miles, Senior General Manager, Global Brand Marketing Division at ASICS Corporation. “We know success in sport comes from the human pursuit to take performance to a whole new level.

“Through this effort, ASICS celebrates the passion that connects professionals with everyday warriors, and shares that spirit across the world.”

Creative execution for the campaign was conceived by 180 Amsterdam. Chosen for his ‘authentic and sensorial storytelling in sport’, Henry Alex Rubin, Academy Award-nominated, feature-and documentary-maker, directed the films.




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