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ASICS steps forward with Team Sky run shoe partnership

ASICS GT-2000 4

A year-long partnership between ASICS and Team Sky will see ASICS supply running shoes to the prolific pro cycling team and ‘bring performance expertise to the team on what to wear off the bike.’

ASICS notes that it ‘is the true sport performance brand, with a long history of science and innovation that will fit seamlessly with the ethos of Team Sky.’

As part of the partnership, ASICS will provide the GT-2000 4 lightweight running shoes. The ASICS shoes will be worn on the podium, as well as for use in training and preparation in the gym and on the road.

Further to this ASICS will be supplying the team with its popular lifestyle trainers, ASICS Tiger, inspired by the running shoes of the 80s and 90s, as casual wear when the team is out of training and competition.

ASICS undertakes dedicated research on technical footwear at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science, in Kobe, Japan – a unique site that houses a team of scientists, athletes and coaches who work together to analyse the movements of the human body to create the best performance products.

The GT-2000 4, which the riders, trainers, coaches and staff of Team Sky will wear, is a lightweight running shoe that offers a supported fit and cushioned feel when out on the road. The GT-2000 4 has been a firm favourite with runners for a number of years and will ‘cater perfectly for the needs of whole of Team Sky.’

Cathy McGinnis, Marketing Manager for ASICS UK Limited said, “We’re excited to be able to announce the partnership between ASICS and Team Sky. As a brand we are always striving to provide the best products and inspire people. These qualities are perfectly exemplified by Team Sky and we look forward to working together to provide them with the latest products and share ideas on performance.”

Fran Millar, Director of Business Operations for Team Sky, added “We’re delighted that ASICS have joined us as our first Official Supplier of trainers. ASICS has a long history of working in professional sport and they are experts at balancing the demands of high performance with comfort. It’s great to have ASICS on board this year and we look forward to building a strong relationship with them.”




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