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Castelli has skin in the game: new Linea Pelle skin care range

New Linea Pelle skin care range from Castelli 1

Castelli has unveiled its Linea Pelle embrocation cream range, which aims to meet the needs of professional athletes at the highest level of the sport, from the cold of Belgium in March to the heat of France in July.

Castelli has been developing its skin care products for almost two years, fine-tuning the ingredients and testing the various versions on a panel of riders. The apparel brand’s partnership with several skin care experts has allowed it to ‘develop unique products while ensuring that the product formulas are effective and kind to sensitive skin, and won’t harm technical cycling fabrics.’

Many of the ingredients in the Linea Pelle skin care range are natural, and Castelli ‘avoids any synthetic ingredients that are associated with potential health issues.’

The Linea Pelle collection is made up of Chamois Dry Lube, Warming Embro Cream and Foul Weather cream. Each 100ml tube has a pump mechanism that allows more exact application and is seen to be more hygienic than a jar; and the 100ml size means riders can go airborne with the tubes in flight carry-on luggage.

Linea Pelle is positioned as the perfect addition to every discerning Castelli fan’s pre-ride ritual. The products can be purchased individually or in a three-tube combo pack with a red drawstring bag.

New Linea Pelle skin care range from Castelli 2
New Linea Pelle skin care range from Castelli - combo pack

Castelli tested multiple different versions of the creams to get the right performance. A group of cyclists blind tested these creams along with leading competitors’ products, and the final versions of the Linea Pelle products ‘were the top-ranked products in these tests for almost all the testers.’

The company notes that moist skin is softer and more susceptible to abrasion, as any rider who has done a long race in the rain or hot weather can attest. The Linea Pelle dry lube aims to reduce friction without weakening the skin through moisturizers. Castelli also uses 100% natural tea tree oil for antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to help prevent infections and saddle sores.

The Cannondale Pro Cycling Team will be the first professional team to use the Linea Pelle embrocation products to help increase performance in wet and cold conditions.

The Linea Pelle cream range is available through Castelli retailers and online.




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