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Control in mind for new 3T Revo, which turns traditional aerobar design through 180°

3T REVO LTD aerobars

Accessories specialist 3T has launched Revo, billed as an all-new aerobar that ‘breaks entirely with tradition by attaching the basebar wing to the front of the grips instead of the back, literally turning aerobar design through 180°.’

Until now, 3T notes that all aerobars have followed the basic plan set out by 3T in its ‘bullhorn’ design for Francesco Moser’s 1984 world hour record, with the basebar behind the grips.

The primary benefits of the 3T Revo’s new reverse-grip plan are said to be threefold:

  • ‘It’s impossible for the rider’s hands to slide forwards off the grips’, making it safer and easier to use for expert and novice alike.
  • The more-positive handhold confers surer handling in taxing situations where a road-bar rider typically gets into the drops — deep descents, rough surfaces, sketchy turns, and when sprinting.
  • It’s more aerodynamic — the basebar wing has a sharper angle of attack with the free air flow than standard basebars.

“This is a very simple idea, and it’s amazing it’s taken over 30 years to get to it,” said 3T President René Wiertz. “Putting the basebar in front of the grips eliminates at a stroke the time-trialist’s nightmare scenario, losing control of the bike because your hands slip off when you hit a pothole.

“Sure if you’re an expert rider against the clock, you know how far you can push the envelope. But for a great many strong and capable riders who’d like to go aero in search of better times, staying in control of the bike in all conditions is an issue.

“Our Revo bar solves that. Its safety is a powerful psychological reassurance, and it’s comfortable to ride over long distance. We believe it will encourage a whole new class of riders to enjoy the benefits of a fully aero setup. The simplest ideas are often the best!” Wiertz concluded.

3T REVO LTD aerobars - side view

In other respects, the design of Revo builds on 3T’s deep experience in carbon-fibre design — a heritage that includes winning Olympic medals and World Tour races. Revo has been tested and is currently used by the BMC Racing Team, reigning world team time trial champions.

Revo’s 40 cm wide wing section houses all control cabling internally and meets the 3:1 UCI rules. Extension bars are fully configurable so the rider can strive to get their fit in a ‘perfect position’. 3T adds that fabrication is to the highest standards, with a carbon-fibre layup that ‘confers steering precision married to resilience.’

Models and prices

Revo Ltd HM carbon-fibre 830 g £ 649,99
Revo Team Carbon-fibre 900 g £ 489,99
Revo Team Stealth Carbon-fibre 900 g £ 499,99





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