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Elbaman XII sells-out across all distances

Elbaman triathlon in Italy 2015

The twelfth edition of Elbaman in Italy on 25 September 2016, ‘marks an historical and unpredictable landmark for the Italian race’ – as the organizing team report a first ever sell-out in every Elbaman race and distance, by the middle of February, more than seven months before race day.

Elbaman, an already well-known race across the international long distance triathlon community, has ‘always tried to offer an innovative and high quality product to all participants and it seems that [it is] time to reap what we have sowed has come.’

The organizers point to a great increase in entries; and that demand was already clear when registration opened in the middle of November 2015. At that time, more than 200 athletes confirmed their entries in less than 24 hours.
Elbaman XII 2016 logo
The organizers added, ‘We were confident to reach an early sold-out position with the half distance race Elbaman73, but the sell-out for the full distance is beyond any expectation!’

All 700 places for athletes have been taken up by individuals from 16 different countries. It is still possible to register on the waiting list in the hope for a place through a registered athlete withdrawing. Alternatively, athletes can compete in a relay team race where there are still some places available.



Elbaman has been recognized as offering up ‘a beautiful race in a natural paradise’. It is also known as a tough race with its hilly and technical bike course. As the organizers point out, ‘It is not a place for a personal best on the distance: the fastest riders are able to complete the 180K bike course in around 6 hours.’

On the other hand, the Elbaman team adds that ‘you ride on the most amazing bike course you can imagine, watching the crystalline water of the west part [of Elba Island], with Corsica and Montecristo in the background.’

Elbaman takes place each September at the Marina di Campo (Elba Island) between Corsica and the western coast of Italy. Elbaman XII takes place on 25 September 2016.




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