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From disc brakes to stress-free packing: new Cervélo P5X billed as ultimate tri bike


According to Cervélo, ‘there’s more to the ultimate triathlon bike than blowing benchmarks away’. For the first time in the company’s history (and, according to Cervélo, ‘for the first time in history, period’), the ‘unique needs of every triathlete, whether training, racing or travelling, are truly front and centre with the new Cervélo P5X’.

Cervélo argues that the new P5X is the fastest and most technologically advanced triathlon bike ever… ‘From aerodynamically integrated storage and stress-free packing to unprecedented micro- and macro-adjustability, the P5X focuses on a singular goal: helping triathletes achieve their personal best.’

With the launch of the P5X at this year’s IRONMAN World Championship, Cervélo is aiming to continue its association with the iconic race in Kona, and continue to win the hearts and minds of triathletes. (Cervélo has, after all been the number one bike in the Kona bike count for a number of years.)

Cervélo points out that the development of P5X started three years ago, with an objective to bring the ultimate triathlon bike on the market. Cervélo has developed the P5X jointly with US companies HED and ENVE – with extensive work in the wind tunnel and around ‘150 development iterations in the final frame shape. The result is a bike that stands out through a number of innovations, from the integration and positioning of nutrition and spare parts through to the use of disc brakes.

With pricing up to US$15,000 in the US, for a SRAM Red Etap version, retail pricing in the UK and Europe will be confirmed soon.

Aero cable management
Brake and shifter cables are engineered to enter the frame at strategic points — at the front of the toptube and downtube, and at the rear of the derailleur-side chainstay — to reduce aero drag. Technologies such as Cervélo’s Reduced-Friction BB Guide cut mechanical drag as well.

Cervelo developed BBright to take advantage of the fact that oversized frame tubes are stiffer and lighter. On the right side, frame tubes are already as wide as possible; any wider and they’d hit the chainrings. But on the left side there are no chainrings, so BBright makes use of this extra space by extending the BB shell by 11mm, nearly doubling the width of the left chainstay.

Built for bottles
Cervélo models that are Shaped for Bottles have an airfoil downtube that’s flattened on the trailing edge in front of the bottle, resulting in a faster overall system.

Dropped down tube
Cervélo notes that improving aerodynamics requires an engineering approach that accounts for the entire system: bike, rider and wheels. The Dropped Downtube places the leading edge of the tube closer to the trailing edge of the front tyre, partly hiding it in the wake of the wheel.

Evolved steerer design
A larger steerer diameter adds torsional stiffness with limited weight penalty. A smaller steerer diameter is more compliant and can also be used to reduce headtube frontal area, and in turn, aerodynamic drag. Cervélo adds that the fork steerer’s diameter has a noticeable effect on a bike’s handling. Evolved steerer design applies the diameters and taper designs that best suit each model.

Future-proof cable management
This aims to ensure that the frame is compatible with all current and future derailleur and brake systems. Future-Proof Cable Management aim to achieve compatibility across mechanical, electronic and hydraulic brake and derailleur systems. Future-Proof frames include interchangeable cable stops that snap into place and are easily swapped out by hand to accommodate upgrades.

According to Cervélo, triathletes can buy with confidence, knowing that the bike is easily upgradable and can be enjoyed with the latest technology for years to come.

Reduced-friction BB guide
The Reduced-Friction BB Guide maintains a consistent curve for each cable path by avoiding bends or kinks. This reduces cable friction in the bottom bracket, which means smoother shifting, easier setup and longer service intervals.





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