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GU adds Cucumber Mint Energy Gel and Roctane Chocolate Coconut

GU adds Cucumber Mint Energy Gel and Roctane Chocolate Coconut

GU Energy Labs has announced the release of two new flavours to its Energy Gel and Roctane Energy Gel product lines.

According to GU, Cucumber Mint Energy Gel carves a new path in the company’s product line, offering a refreshing lightness to the performance-tested formulation of 450mg of amino acids, 125 mg of sodium, 20mg of caffeine and 100 calories. The calories come from both simple and complex carbohydrates to help maximize absorption and utilization while aiming to diminish stomach distress. The light combination of cucumber and mint is positioned as being ideal for training during hot and humid conditions.

Chocolate Coconut is the newest addition to the expanding line of Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gels from GU Energy Labs. Designed for longer or particularly difficult races and training, Roctane Chocolate Coconut ‘fights flavour fatigue’ and delivers amino acid supplementation and energy. The combination of chocolate and coconut is ‘ideal for crisp early morning workout sessions.’ This new flavour includes 1425mg of amino acids, 125mg of sodium, 35mg of caffeine and 100 calories of GU’s performance carbohydrate blend.

Magdalena Boulet, the 2015 winner of the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run and an Olympic Marathoner who is also GU Energy Lab’s Vice President of Research, Development and Innovation, said, “We were able to test a wide array of potential new flavours for our landmark gel lines, and got tremendous feedback from not just our consumer testing, but also from our sponsored athletes.

“These are two winning flavours that really offer a new taste profile for the Roctane and Energy Gel lines.”

GU is a leading sports nutrition brand founded in Berkeley, California in 1993. GU’s products help athletes hydrate, energize, and recover before, during and after demanding endurance activities.




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