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Heart in the right place: free Airia run shoes for test runners in crowdsourced shoe study

Testing heart rate - Swedish running shoe company Airia Running

“How many heartbeats can a running shoe save?” That is the central question being asked in a crowdsourced study, launched by Swedish running shoe company Airia Running.

The company is recruiting runners from all over the world to compare their usual running shoes to Airia 1.5 shoes in a simple treadmill test. The hub of the project is the website saveheartbeats.run, where test runners register and report heart rate data.

”Engaged consumers want more than the ordinary marketing nonsense, runners not the least,” said Mattias Geisler, CEO of Airia Running. ”And this project can prove our own shoe tests in a conceivable and transparent manner, and also pave way for new thinking in the running shoe business.”

Airia Running has put its weight behind the project by developing the technical platform for the test and offering free Airia shoes for at least 100 interested runners not yet in possession of the shoes.

Testing heart rate gear - Swedish running shoe company Airia Running

“We are curious by nature and dig down deep on every possible aspect of running shoe performance; and we will make serious efforts to produce hard facts with all our products,” continued Mattias Geisler. ”Too much of the R&D in the running shoe business takes place behind locked doors and never reaches public scrutiny.”

The test is open for current Airia runners and at least 100 runners that get a free pair of Airia shoes. The company adds that the test protocol is statistically validated and it needs more than 50 participants to reach significance.

The Airia shoe concept was launched in 2014 and has gained interest for its form and approach. The outsole is focused on improving running stride and, according to the company, the shoe has been shown to ‘decrease ground contact time and increase power in the propulsion phase for a majority of runners.’




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