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HIGH5 adds new ProteinSnack bar to its range

HIGH5 adds new ProteinSnack bar to its range

HIGH5 has launched ProteinSnack, a new natural protein bar with Goji Berries, Chia Seeds and Brazil Nuts. According to the company, ‘The awesome blend of Brazil Nuts, Goji Berries and Chia Seeds, provides a delicious 12g of protein per bar.’

ProteinSnack is positioned as an easy and convenient source of protein and carbohydrate, which muscles need to recover after exercise. HIGH5 adds that… ‘Whether it’s to keep you going until your next meal or reward you after exercise, ProteinSnack is the satisfying way to get you through a hard day’s work.’

Wendy Lee, HIGH5 General Manager, said “Ingredients and quality depict HIGH5 products and ProteinSnack is another perfect example of that. With a balance of protein and carbohydrate from nuts, seeds and berries, it’s a natural snack that can be enjoyed anytime and everywhere.“

She continued, “This is our first brand new product for a while and we’re delighted with the feedback that we have received from our team of World-Class athletes.”

To mark the product launch, HIGH5 has opened a competition to win 6 months’ supply of HIGH5 ProteinSnack.




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