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Iberoamerican Championships and congress held in Merida, Mexico

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This past weekend, the Iberoamerican Triathlon Association held its congress meeting, as well as the Iberoamerican Championships in the Yucatan Peninsula in Merida, Mexico.

During the Congress, which was chaired by the President of the Spanish Federation, José Hidalgo, delegates addressed many challenges and opportunities for the future of triathlon in Latin America, as well as upcoming projects that will take place throughout 2016.

It was also agreed the host city for the next Iberoamerican Championships will be Cuba for medium and long distance races. Puerto Rico will host the next congress and the Latin American Championship in 2017.

ITU notes that it is ‘extremely proud that our counterparts at the Mexican Federation have taken on this important leadership in the Latin American area.’ This is a joint effort between ITU, the Spanish Federation and the Mexican Federation. The conference in Merida represents the culmination of this work.

After an important day of debate among congress deleates, races were held on Sunday. The day of competition started at 07:30 with the start of male and female elite competition. Only half an hour after they competed, more than 1,500 people participated across various age groups in the open competition.

ITU adds that it was most exciting to see the large number of women taking part in the different events, which in some cases exceeded 40% of race participants.

‘The growth of women’s triathlon in Mexico has been so successful that in some races, more than 51% of the entries are women. This is something the entire triathlon family should be proud of.’




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