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Kids are united: new coaching & recruitment process for Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team


The Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team has announced the launch of its first triathlon academy for children at Club 7, in Maadi, Cairo. “The main goal of establishing our Alameda o.n. Triathlon Academies is to provide a safe environment and professional coaching to children, in order to develop them in a healthy manner through triathlon,” said Hassan Afifi, Team Principal.

“The focus of training shall be on the children’s physical and mental fitness, in addition to identifying talent from the Arab region and develop them to become future world and Olympic champions,” added Afifi.

This first location for the Alameda o.n. Triathlon Academies in Cairo is seen as just the start of many more planned locations across the Middle East and North Africa, with one of the objectives being to give ‘access to as many people as possible around the region to have such facilities available to them locally’.

As part of the association with Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team, participants shall not only be receiving coaching and guidance, but they will also have the chance to train with some of the team’s elite athletes several times a year. They shall have the opportunity to train at team training camps, and will ‘get other amazing privileges through the team’s partners’.

Alameda o.n. Triathlon Academies are targeted at children from the age of around 8 years old upwards. Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team shall only take on athletes who have been part of these academies. The recruitment into the main team shall be through specific trials and other criteria, whereby the young athletes shall be chosen to join the main ranks of the team.

In terms of the coaching, Afifi said that “a major part of the development of the Alameda o.n. Triathlon Academies has been the formation of a standardised coaching system throughout. Coaches with ITU qualifications are not just the minimum requirement, but we have also created our own proprietary coaching and management system for our academies, in order to ensure consistency of top quality standards, which reflects the world-class standard of our team, which we have worked hard to build over the past two years.

“The system for our academies has been created in cooperation with a top high-performance international coach, Vicent Beltran, who, in addition to being an ITU coach trainer, has also had extensive experience of coaching in the Middle East.”

Alameda o.n. Triathlon Academies shall be managed by Egyptian triathlete and coach, Youssra Abou El Naga, who, through some of her experience, has been determined to ‘pass on the power of triathlon to change lives’.

Just before graduating as a civil engineer, … [and] shortly after losing my beloved father, I was involved in a car accident that severely impaired my physical mobility. My dream at the time was to regain my faculties, to once again be able to run, swim and jump,” recalled Abou El Naga.

She added “The path to recovery was not easy, but with perseverance and support from loved ones, I was fortunate to overcome my fears and obstacles one at a time.” To conclude, Abou El Naga said “We all have a story to share that will hopefully inspire our youth to overcome their fears and develop they self-confidence. Our team of professional athletes and I share the ambition of achieving this and more.”

Local coaching in Egypt shall be headed by triathlon coach, Ahmed Salama, who has been coaching with elite team since its inception.

Alameda Triathlons is owned by Pro Tri Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales, with original shareholders from the Middle East. Team sponsors include Alameda Healthcare Holdings, Tri Sport Arabia and the o.n. brand. Team partners include Dassi Bikes, Dare2Tri, Inverse, SportCrafters, Team Dillon Coaching and Pixel Alchemy.

Club 7 in Cairo is a multi-purpose athletic and recreation facility that provides sport fans and juniors with various sports activities. Club 7 offers premium sports services with a football academy, tennis academy and a physical fitness programme.




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