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Misfit unveils Speedo Shine 2

Misfit Unveils Speedo Shine 2

Misfit and Speedo have today announced the launch of their second Speedo-branded activity, swim, and sleep tracker, Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition, powered by Speedo, known as Speedo Shine 2.

The result of Misfit and Speedo’s long-term partnership, Speedo Shine 2 is available now on misfit.com, SpeedoUSA.com, and Speedo.com for US$119.99.

“Whether you’re training competitively or swimming for fitness, you want your focus to be on speed and form – not tracking laps. With the Speedo Shine 2, you can concentrate on your efforts in the pool without distractions,” said Team Speedo USA athlete and four-time Olympic medallist Cullen Jones.

“Speedo Shine 2 is an ideal aid for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to maximize their time in the water while keeping track of their overall fitness and sleep.”

Speedo Shine 2 is positioned as the next generation of Speedo Shine, ‘the first device of its kind designed with swimmers in mind’. Misfit and Speedo’s proprietary lap counting algorithms track a swimmer’s lap count and work for all stroke types.

New features with Speedo Shine 2 include:

  • A vibration motor and multicolour lights, enabling ‘multi-faceted user feedback’ — see progress and tell time in a halo of rainbow-coloured lights, or get motivated with Misfit Move activity reminders
  • A countdown swim timer — users pick a time to swim and Speedo Shine 2 provides a gentle vibe alert when a workout is complete
  • Text and call notifications and a silent vibe alarm
  • Misfit Link compatibility, turning Speedo Shine 2 into a music remote, selfie trigger, presentation clicker, or button to enable a variety of smart home devices and web services

Speedo Shine 2 features Misfit’s ‘most advanced hardware and firmware, which offers dramatically improved touch responsiveness with capacitive touch technology, faster syncing, and an extended Bluetooth range.’

Its 12 lights display over 16 million colours and are ‘bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight’.

Additionally, Misfit will enable all Misfit Ray and Misfit Shine 2 devices with Speedo and Misfit’s world- swim tracking and lap counting technology via an in app-purchase of US$9.99. With this and future updates, Misfit users can customize and enhance their app experience based on the activities and features that matter most to them.




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