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New book asks Are You Tough Enough?

Are You Tough Enough - book cover

John Blake Publishing has announced the publication of Are You Tough Enough? Taking in some of the ‘toughest, bloodiest and hardest challenges in the world’ the book’s author Helen Summer presents the reader with a guide to the new generation of extreme physical challenges.

A release from the publisher gives a background to the new book…

Each year, thousands of competitors pit themselves against the elements, extremes of geography and their own psyches to take part in the world’s hardest challenges. From the cold of the highest peaks to the unforgiving heat of the desert, by water, bike or foot, seemingly ordinary people are undertaking extraordinary feats with an unbreakable drive to test the very limits of their endurance.

Are You Tough Enough? looks at over 70 of the most extreme events from around the world and takes the reader from Yak Attack in India, the highest mountain bike on earth, to the Last Desert Race in Antarctica, which puts competitors through 155 miles of the coldest and largest desert on earth.

With a detailed description of each event and featuring personal stories, this book offers massive high and excruciating lows, and shows just what we can achieve in pushing the bounds of human endeavour.

The book’s author Helen Summer is a licensed UK Athletics endurance coach who has been involved in running for many years, both as a club and county runner. She has written numerous articles for sport magazines, women’s publications and the Food & Drink Guide.

Are You Tough Enough? is available in paperback format, with a regular price of £9.99




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