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New Kinetic Fit app taps into ‘surge in indoor bike training’

New Kinetic Fit power-training app and Kinetic trainers

Premium turbo trainer brand Kinetic, known for making ‘leak-proof fluid trainers with the most realistic ride experience available’, has announced the official release of its training application, Kinetic Fit, and has invited users to get acquainted with it by joining The Sufferfest’s Tour of Sufferlandria, an annual fundraiser for the Davis Phinney Foundation that begins on 6 February 2016.

Kinetic is a first-time sponsor of the Tour of Sufferlandria online event. Premium subscribers of Kinetic Fit who register for the Tour of Sufferlandria with a US$10 donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation will receive free streaming access to each of the nine Tour of Sufferlandria video training stages between 6-14 February.

“I have to say, it’s really awesome to complete a workout in Kinetic Fit with a video from The Sufferfest playing. I’m addicted,” said Kinetic Marketing Manager David Simpson. “I can’t wait for more people to experience this. While it’s been a longer road to release than we anticipated, I’m really proud of the Kinetic Fit app. It’s our vision, not just our version.”

The Kinetic Fit app, available in iOS and Android (beta), is free to all registered users during the company’s extended trial period. Similar to Kinetic’s predecessor inRide app, Kinetic Fit uses Bluetooth Smart technology to transmit wattage output and workout metrics such as heart rate, distance, speed and cadence. The more robust Kinetic Fit has real-time monitoring of over 50 key data points, and allows full user interface customization.

Kinetic Fit additionally unlocks training potential that wasn’t found in the inRide app with over 100 new interval workouts written by professional coach, Drew Edsall with power and cadence targets. Features such as interactive real-time graphing, second screen mirroring, and synchronization with streaming video content aim to keep users on-target, motivated and fully engaged.

“The training experience offered by apps like Zwift, has really put indoor training in the spotlight this winter, requiring connected trainers,” said Simpson. “We provide a great hardware/software solution and are working closely with Zwift to ensure that our trainers work as seamlessly as possible on their platform as well as ours.”

Kinetic plans to update the Fit app regularly with new workouts, power-training plans, social incentives and added functionality and features, many of which will be open to all app subscribers during the extended free trial period.

All Kinetic Smart Trainers sold through retail since October 2015 are already compatible with the firmware requirements of Kinetic Fit. Version 1 inRide sensor pods (T-2000 and T-2002 inRide Watt Meter accessories) purchased prior to that time are not compatible; however, Kinetic has a free firmware upgrade program.

Finally, owners of even the earliest generations of Kinetic Rock and Roll or Road Machine trainers can ‘inexpensively retrofit their equipment with Kinetic’s inRide Sensor Pod’ (MSRP US$75; or US$130 for sensor pod and BLE heart rate strap).

In addition to aiming to provide a cost-effective approach to power-based training, Kinetic has also simplified the ‘getting started’ process for rookies and experienced athletes alike. A dedicated section of its website features step-by-step instructions, videos, and customized support for Kinetic Fit.

Kinetic, founded in 2000, is a division of Kurt Manufacturing, a leading provider of high quality precision-engineered parts for the zero-tolerance automotive and aviation industries. Kinetic designs, manufactures and distributes premium leak-proof cycling trainers including the Rock and Roll, the first and only side-to-side free-moving fluid trainer.

Using proprietary technology, Kinetic’s inRide Sensor Pod, a standard feature in its Smart trainers, and retrofit option for earlier models, wirelessly measures wattage via the Kinetic Fit power-training application. The free Kinetic Fit app connects athletes to a content-rich world of streaming video, professional coaching, guided workouts, social competition and data analysis.

Kinetic is sold in 36 countries worldwide through a large network of independent bike stores and international distributors.




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