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New social running app Racefully is ‘like a running club in your pocket’

Racefully - app on arm

Just launched in the App Store, Racefully is aiming to redefine the running app experience by enabling runners separated by distance to connect in the app and run together in real time.

Racefully puts the focus on the live, social running experience… ‘Like having a park in your pocket’, the app is billed as a place for runners to virtually meet up and run together, regardless of their location. Users have the options of running with their usual friends and communities or with runners they’ve never met.

From a first run to a first marathon, Racefully’s Live Run feature is designed to help runners achieve their goals through social support, competition, and good old-fashioned fun. Once a user has launched a race with friends, Racefully’s Live Run feature keeps track in real time of who’s keeping pace, who’s falling behind, and who’s taking the lead.

The app’s audio commentator keeps participants up-to-date, ‘freeing runners to focus on the race ahead instead of their phone screen.’

Racefully - app

Co-founder, Chris Pointon, points to leaving his running group behind after a move, as the inspiration behind the app. Pointon said that “Community is playing an increasing role in the running world, as demonstrated by the success of initiatives like Parkrun’s fun, informal running events. We wanted to extend the support, motivation, and fun that comes from running with friends to runners everywhere, regardless of where they or their friends are running.”

Racefully is currently fundraising on Crowdcube, one of the UK’s leading crowdfunding platforms. The company adds that, ‘for as little as £10, anyone can invest in the world’s most social fitness app.’

Racefully is now available to download in the Apple App Store free of charge. At present, the app is available for iOS only, with plans for an Android release in late 2016.




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