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New Training Assist feature from Pioneer maximizes power meter use

Pioneer Training Assist

Pioneer Electronics’s Cycle Sports Division has announced Training Assist, a new feature available on the SGX-CA500 GPS Cycle Computer, created to support those training with Pioneer’s line of Single Leg and Dual Leg Power Meters.

According to Pioneer, Training Assist helps riders maximize use of their power meters through three structured training courses divided into 28 easy-to-use training modules. Designed to help riders improve cycling performance by using their power meter more effectively, the program is applicable for riders of all skill levels and experience, ‘including weekend warriors and those who would not consider hiring a coach but want to use a power meter more effectively to improve cycling performance.’

Training Assist users learn and grow at their own pace. The modules within each course are consecutive. Each module builds on the previous effort/exercise. Users start with the fundamentals of bike training and work their way through basic to advanced training programs and power meter metrics.

More experienced riders who already train with Pioneer’s power meters can take advantage of two additional features ‘critical to any serious cyclist’s training’: Interval Timer for setting up personalized interval efforts and Threshold Training, which includes an MMP Challenge and FTP Testing.

“Power meters and training with power can be intimidating, particularly for cyclists who have no experience with a coach,” said Russ Johnston, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications for Pioneer Electronics (USA). “Our new Training Assist feature breaks down our advanced technology and training with power into easily digestible modules.

“Previously, cyclists had to read books or watch videos online to learn about power meters, then jump on the bike and put what they researched into practice. With Training Assist, riders learn and ride simultaneously. Extra time is not wasted off the bike.”

How it works
Riders use the free mobile Cyclo-Sphere service to access Training Assist. The user first selects the training module to be performed, downloads the module to his or her cycle computer via built-in Wi-Fi, and then completes the power training effort/exercise on the bike.

After the ride is complete, results are uploaded to Cyclo-Sphere, where ride data can be compared to what is expected, and the cyclist can see what he or she can do differently next time to improve. Pioneer adds that the feature grows with users. As riders progress in their power meter training, Training Assist offers advanced training courses and metrics utilized by experienced cyclists and more experienced riders.

The three training courses consist of:

  • Training Course (7 modules) – Start with the fundamentals. Learn key training and cycling terms and different types of training efforts/exercises.
  • Power Training Course (11 modules) – Power meter training 101. What power is, the different power metrics to evaluate in training, and different power meter training efforts/exercises.
  • Pedalling Training Course (10 modules) – Most advanced course to maximize power training. Focuses on refining pedalling technique in a variety of efforts/exercises.

Seasoned cyclists can take advantage of advanced training tools including:

  • Interval Timer, which allows riders to create, name and set customized interval trainings for easy, safe and quick access while on the bike.
  • Threshold Training, cyclists have access to MMP (Mean Maximum Power) Challenge, a maximum average power benchmark training session in which riders challenge themselves in one minute, three minute, five minute, 10 minute and 20 minute time durations.

Power targets for each time duration are automatically factored, uploaded and displayed based on the rider’s best effort records from his or her Cyclo-Sphere ride history. In Threshold Training, cyclists are also able to perform FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Tests in 20 or 60 minute increments.

HDPower Metrics
In addition to Training Assist data, when combined with Pioneer’s Single Leg or Dual Leg Power Meters, the SGX-CA500 GPS Cycle Computer offers users exclusive HDPower Metrics for enhanced power data and analysis.

The Cycle Computer with the Single Leg Power Meter enables the rider to see comprehensive performance analysis and detailed data gathered from 12 points of measurement and displayed graphically in real-time on the display of the Cycle Computer, including Force Vectors and Torque Vectors graphics and Pedaling Efficiency.

Dual Leg Power Meter users transition from 12 points of measurement to 24 points of measurement and gain additional metrics including pedalling balance. With 12 point and Dual Leg force measurement, Pioneer’s HD Power Meters are billed as the only power meters that help uncover the source of pedalling balance issues and identify bike fit, power loss and absorption issues, making them ‘essential tools for improving pedalling technique and efficiency’.




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