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On the road with the Herbalife Bali International Triathlon

Herbalife Bali International Triathlon

The 9th Herbalife Bali International Triathlon (HBIT), set to be held in 14 August 2016, is conducting a series of nationwide roadshows and warming-up activities to maximize local athletes participation to establish the event as Indonesia’s leading triathlon event.

Since its inception in 2007, the Bali Triathlon has set new participation level totals with each successive running of the event. The organizing team note the most dramatic increase taking pace among Indonesian athletes. The 2016 race is expected to continue to expand and attract new elite pro racers from Indonesia and around the world, including returning top names in triathlon, together with triathlete champions making their first appearance in Bali.

HBIT road shows across Indonesia
“The main objective of these road shows is to reach out to people about the upcoming Herbalife Bali International Triathlon 2016 race in August and issue invitations to both professional amateur athletes, as well as newcomers to join the event,” said Arie Sukirno, Director of the 2016 Herbalife Bali International Triathlon.

Starting in April, the road shows and warming up sessions continued through into May have been held in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali.

Kicking off in Jakarta, the HBIT organisers met with Tribuddies Community – a well-known local group of dedicated amateur triathletes. The HBIT team continued the journey to Surabaya for a get together with the local branch of Hash House Harriers (ASRI), Happy Runner, and Runners Surabaya chapter.

While in the capital of East Java, HBIT also held an educational briefing with Surabaya’s triathlon community on the new routes being introduced in 2016 and shared nutritional tips from Herbalife – the title sponsor for the Bali International Triathlon.

In late April, the HBIT team traveled to Bangka to attend the Sungai Liat Bangka Triathlon event and then to Central Java for the Sri Tex Run in Solo.

Building the hype closer to home, the HBIT team visited local tourism school students, at Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata (STP) in Nusa Dua and STP Bali International (STP BI) to brief students on the triathlon event and to seek people to sign up both as participants and volunteers.

During the first week of May, the HBIT team traveled again to Surabaya to join the Car Free Day at Raya Darmo, where Herbalife conducted consultation sessions on sports nutrition.

To establish its role as an international sports event that ‘elevates the tourism industry in Bali’, HBIT conducted its annual presentation to the Bali Hotels Association (BHA) – a group comprised of the general managers of Bali’s starred hotels and a ‘loyal supporter of the Bali Triathlon from its very inception’.

HBIT forms alliance with Sanur Village
In early April, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by IB Gede Sidharta Putra, Chairman of the Sanur Development Foundation (YPS) and Arie Sukirno on behalf of HBIT. This agreement formalized support from the traditional Balinese community of Sanur for the coming triathlon and secured the event’s role as a prelude to the opening of the 2016 Sanur Village Festival that will take place on 24-28 August 2016, ten days after the race.

A short time after the signing of the MoU, an initial coordination meeting was held between the organizers of the HBIT, representatives of YPS, officials from the Bali Government Tourism office, South Denpasar district officials (Kecamatan), Sanur village chiefs and the traditional head of the Sanur region (Bendesa Adat).

The HBIT and YPS also paid a joint call on the Mayor of Denpasar to obtain his support for the HBIT in its new Denpasar location in the traditional village of Sanur.

Commenting on the new alliance with HBIT and the meetings to prepare for the coming Sanur-based triathlon, IB Gede Sidharta Putra, as Chairman of the YPS said, “Set right in midsummer and in the heart of Bali, these activities are aimed to prepare the upcoming Triathlon Festival to be followed by Sanur Village Festival.

“With international sports and cultural events happening in Sanur, we hope to bring more attention to both the participants and the spectators. Sanur is a great area to enjoy a weekend of fun on the beach, musical entertainment, great restaurants and other local attractions.”

Starting in 2007, the ninth edition of the Bali International Triathlon (BIT) returns on Sunday 14 August 2016. The 2016 race has unveiled its new venue in Sanur, a ‘move made necessary to accommodate the rapid growth in participants and with each successive running of the event’.

The title sponsor, Herbalife Indonesia, is part of the international Herbalife nutritional supplement organization now working in 90 nations around the world. The organizers add that the Bali race ‘reflects values championed by Herbalife through its shared focus on nourishment, weight-control, vitality and wellness products.’




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