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Quintana Roo PRfive named LAVA mag’s 2016 Gear-of-the-Year

Quintana Roo PRfive

American Bicycle Group (ABG), manufacturer of Quintana Roo, has announced that its latest addition to the PR series – the PRfive – was named LAVA magazine’s 2016 Editor’s Pick for Gear-of-the-Year, Bike Technology.

This is the second straight year a PR series bike has won Editor’s Pick with the PRsix being named 2015 Gear-of-the-Year. To celebrate the selection, Quintana Roo is offering special rebates from US$100 to US$200. One lucky rebate customer will win an opportunity for a free entry to IRONMAN Chattanooga 2016.

The PRfive represents ‘all the best aero benefits of its award-winning cousin’, the PRsix, but with its design moved to a standard front end, making it not only easier for the average triathlete to mechanically work on and travel with, but also makes the new bike more affordable.

“It’s a prime example of trickle-down tech,” said LAVA magazine’s editor Jay Prasuhn. “A few companies who think about the end user are now stepping back from aero-at-all-costs. The headache that those bikes bring, often is not worth it. A bike that builds easily, fits within the budget and is still fast provides better peace of mind, both in spend and function.”

Quintana Roo - PRfive - bike

The PRfive is positioned to have ‘superbike performance, without the superbike price’. It shares a frame and aerodynamics with the PRsix. The bike is light, up to 400g lighter than some competitors’ frames. The PRfive starts at US$3,700 with Ultegra components and is offered in two colour schemes, black/red or black/green.

“Being acknowledged by LAVA magazine for our work on the PRfive is very important to us, not only from a design-perspective, but it also acknowledges our commitment to age group competitors,” said ABG President and CEO, Peter Hurley.

“We wanted to create a tri bike that was not only affordable to them, but also flexible to their performance needs and highly competitive. It feels like we’ve accomplished this.”

PRfive Rebate Program
To celebrate the PRfive’s designation as LAVA’s Editor’s Pick Gear-of-the-Year, Quintana Roo is offering a special rebate program under the following guidelines:

  • Purchase of a Quintana Roo bike or frameset must be made from an authorized QR retailer
  • Valid only on 2016 bikes or framesets purchased between 1 January and 1 June 2016
  • The rebate form must be submitted within 30 days of purchase
  • A copy of the original receipt must be attached
  • The rebate application is online at http://www.quintanarootri.com/rebate
  • At the close of the rebate program, customers who submitted a rebate form will be entered into a random drawing and one lucky customer will win a free entry to IRONMAN Chattanooga
  • Rebate terms and conditions can be found online and should be reviewed by customers

Rebate amounts:

  • US$200 back on Di2-level bike or any frameset
  • US$150 back on Ultegra-level bike
  • US$100 back on 105-level bike

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, American Bicycle Group manufactures high performance bikes under two brands: Litespeed (road, mountain and adventure bikes) and Quintana Roo (triathlon-specific bikes).

Litespeed’s titanium technology makes it a leading manufacturer of cold-worked, cycling-specific tubesets, which led to a partnership with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to fabricate the wheels’ framework of the Mars Land Rover. Quintana Roo is billed as the only company in the world entirely devoted to triathlon bikes and its PRfive model was recently designated as LAVA magazine’s Editor’s Pick Gear-of-the-Year for Bike Technology, an award Quintana Roo also won in 2015 with the PRsix.




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