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Raelert-Brothers power up with Pioneer

2016 Raelert Brothers bike with Pioneer power meter close up - photo credit CUBE

The Raelert-Brothers – Andreas and Michael Raelert – have forged a partnership with Japanese technology group Pioneer, which is centred around Pioneer’s cycling power meter.

A release from the Raelert-Brothers noted that Andreas and Michael are looking forward to be part of developing the power meters of Pioneer. “We are very happy with this new partnership,” said Andreas and Michael Raelert. “Being athletes, we always want to show the best performances. That’s what we are living for both in training and competition.

“Our partners help us to achieve further improvements. We believe that we can improve in data analysis and training management thanks to Pioneer. This partnership gives us the opportunity to work more effectively in the future.”

Pioneer is an official outfitter of various professional cycling teams. Among others, the cycling teams Giant-Alpecin and Lotto-Jumbo rely on Pioneer’s power meter system including its pedalling monitor sensors and the Cyclocomputer SGX-CA 500.

According to Pioneer, this system sets a new technical standard. The SGX CA-500 Cyclocomputer produces more than 100 different measurements in real time, but also the data of two independent power vector sensors on the left and the right arm of the crank sets.

This innovative technology is billed as an important basis to optimize both the pedalling technique and an athlete’s training management. Thanks to its touchscreen, the Cyclocomputer SGX-CA 500 is positioned as being easy to handle even in difficult conditions, such as challenging weather.

Moreover, the Cyclocomputer is built to be light and compact. “It is an ideal companion in training and competition,” added the Raelert-Brothers.

2016 Raelert Brothers bike with Pioneer power meter - photo credit CUBE

The partnership with Pioneer aims to give the Raelert-Brothers an opportunity to improve the technical parameters of their cycling skills. “We already discovered in the past, how our cycling performances have improved by working closely with our partners CUBE and Swiss Side,” the Raelert-Brothers said.

Working on an ‘instrumented bike’ together with CUBE and Swiss Side back in 2015, Andreas and Michael Raelert could improve their performances effectively – with a focus on data feedback.

Roel Schoondermark, European Business Manager at Pioneer, is looking forward to working with Andreas and Michael Raelert. “We are extremely proud that the Realert-Brothers recognize the capabilities of the Pioneer power meter,” he said.

“We are looking forward to working closely with them to improve their performance. A power meter is essential for the training for any triathlete. With our pedalling monitor (where athletes can improve their pedalling stroke) we bring an extra added value. We’ve worked hard to develop the Pioneer power meter together with the pros.”

He added, “Working with the highly professional Raelert-Brothers and their team will give us the opportunity to further develop our Pioneer power meter.”

The Dutch marketing group RSPNS connected the Raelert-Brothers with Pioneer.



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