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Ride the Tour of Sufferlandria with new Kinetic Fit power-training app

New Kinetic Fit power-training app and Kinetic trainers

Turbo trainer specialist Kinetic has confirmed the launch of its new Kinetic Fit power-training app for iOS. The news about the new app launch is being circulated to Kinetic customers via email to get riders started properly with the new app.

For those who own a T-2700 Road Machine | Smart or a T-2800 Rock and Roll | Smart trainer, riders can can start using the Kinetic Fit app right away. For those who have an older T-2100 or T-2102 inRide sensor accessory, consumers may need to send Kinetic the sensor for a free upgrade to the new version 2.0 sensor firmware.

This takes about a week for those in the continental US…’from your door and back to you.’

The new Kinetic Fit app will only work with the new version 2.0 inRide sensors found on the Smart Trainers and sold through retail as the inRide Watt Meter accessory starting in October 2015.



Ride the Tour of Sufferlandria
The new upgrade will enable riders to hit the Tour of Sufferlandria, which runs from 6-14 February, with the Kinetic Fit app, featuring pre-programmed workouts for the entire Sufferfest video library. Workouts can be synchronized corresponding with The Sufferfest videos using Kinetic’s second screen video feature.

Kinetic adds that anyone attempting to complete the Tour of Sufferlandria challenge next month will appreciate the onscreen motivation and synchronized power and cadence targets in the Kinetic Fit app.

The company added, ‘We will make an announcement on social media and our web site next week with specific sign-up details for the Tour of Sufferlandria using the Kinetic Fit app. You’ll sign up at our web site for Kinetic prizes and you’ll also need to register at The Sufferfest web site to be included in their overall prize drawings.’




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