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Rolf Prima signs pro triathlete Eric Lagerstrom for 2016-2017

Rolf Prima Ares6 wheelset 2016

Rolf Prima, the US hand-built wheel builder of high-performance wheel systems, has signed pro triathlete and Olympic hopeful Eric Lagerstrom for the 2016 and 2017 triathlon season.

“Eric is the kind of athlete you want to be around and I l love following his races and recaps,” said Rolf Prima Owner, Brian Roddy. “He has so much enthusiasm – it’s contagious. His fans love it too and he helps keep them stoked on triathlon.”

Eric Lagerstrom will be one to follow this triathlon season. A 2016 Rio Olympic hopeful, Lagerstrom won the 2015 Escape from Alcatraz in a nail-biting, come from behind thriller and then continued his season with a win at the USA Triathlon Super Sprint Championships; and capped it with a win at the Beijing International Triathlon.

In addition, Lagerstrom produces the series ‘Viking Life’, depicting his life and times as a professional triathlete traveling in his new adventure van from the road.

“This year really is going to be an entirely new type of year for me,” Lagerstrom said. “For the first time, people are actually paying attention and the amount of time I’m spending talking to sponsors, race directors, and fans (imagine that!) has increased exponentially. I’m working to maintain the relaxed lifestyle and attitude I had last year while taking on the extra responsibility,” Lagerstrom said.
Eric Lagerstrom will be racing on both Rolf Prima Ares6 carbon clinchers and TdF6SL tubulars depending on his needs for the given race course.

“I know when I’m descending a steep climb or racing in China that an actual human constructed my wheels and another human double checked the work. I love the cards that come in the box: ‘Built by Matt’,” said Lagerstrom. “I find the ride quality is phenomenal and speaks for itself.”




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