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Route of suffering unveiled for fourth annual Tour of Sufferlandria

Tour of Sufferlandria - stage one

The Sufferfest, ‘creator of the world’s best cycling videos for individual and group training’, has announced its fourth annual Tour of Sufferlandria, billed as the Greatest Grand Tour of a Mythical Nation.

Running from 6-14 February, thousands of cyclists from more than 30 countries will embark on a nine-day suffering binge within the confines of their Bike Torture Chamber, Pain Cave, or Official Sufferlandrian Embassy.

The Tour of Sufferlandria is an indoor cycling event where riders complete nine consecutive days of Sufferfest videos. It is billed as one of the most difficult indoor cycling challenges in the world.

“This year’s 9-stage tour is not designed for Couchlandrians. For the first time ever, riders will be starting in the mountains and things hardly let up from there,” said David McQuillen, The Sufferfest CEO.

“But, to ease the pain and soften the blow, riders have the opportunity to once again suffer for a cause and ride to benefit the Tour’s charitable partner, the Davis Phinney Foundation.”

Over the past four years, the Tour to-date has raised more than US$165,000 for the Davis Phinney Foundation. Committed to supporting programs and research for Parkinson’s disease, the Foundation was founded in 2004 by Olympic medallist and cycling legend, Davis Phinney, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2000.

With a US$10 donation, Sufferlandrians are eligible for the Tour’s list of prizes, such as a road bike from BMC Bicycles and signed items by professional cyclists.

The Official Artwork of the Tour of Sufferlandria was created by Melboufrne-based artist Gregory Baldwin.



Tour of Sufferlandria 2016

Stage 1, Sat, 6 Feb: ISLAGIATT
Duration: 1hr 50mins

Stage 2, Sun, 7 Feb: Revolver + Revolver
Duration: 1hr 40mins

Stage 3: Mon, 8 Feb: The Best Thing in the World
Duration: 48mins

Stage 4: Tue, 9 Feb: To Get to the Other Side
Duration: 1hr 30mins

Stage 5: Wed, 10 Feb: The Wretched
Duration: 48mins

Stage 6: Thu, 11 Feb: The Rookie
Duration: 1hr

Stage 7: Fri, 12 Feb: Do As You’re Told
Duration: 47mins

Stage 8: Sat, 13 Feb: A Very Dark Place + Nine Hammers
Duration: 2hrs

Stage 9: Sun, 14 Feb: Power Station* + Violator
Duration: 2hrs

* New video. Will be on sale in late January.

The Sufferfest creates cycling videos for individual and group training. Every video features officially licensed footage from professional races such as the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and UCI World Championships, creating an ‘extraordinary experience guaranteed to engage, challenge and entertain athletes of all levels.’

The Sufferfest has a passionate following of ‘Sufferlandrians’ in 70 countries and a network of more than 75 Officially Licensed Sufferlandrian Embassies.




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