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Safety first: Addison Lee works with London Cycling Campaign


Europe’s largest car service, Addison Lee, has been named the first private hire vehicle company in the UK to partner with leading cycling charity, the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). The company notes that it is committed to reducing the risk of collisions between its cars and cyclists, and with LCC’s help has put cycling safety at the heart of its driver training programme (as part of a £7.5m investment in training over the next five years).

LCC has already reviewed the training delivered at Addison Lee’s ‘Knowledge School’ that trains and accredits Addison Lee drivers. The LCC project team joined the company’s driver training school for a period of four weeks, making recommendations to optimise cyclist awareness and safety that will now be enshrined in Addison Lee’s training methods. Included will be new content for Addison Lee’s e-learning portal and changes to in-car training to maximize familiarity with driving alongside cyclists in central London.

Addison Lee, CEO, Andy Boland said “Addison Lee is committed to enhancing safety and quality across our business. Addison Lee has redoubled its efforts to ensuring that our drivers are the best trained and equipped to manoeuvre safely on London roads, making cycling safe and enjoyable for everyone.”

London Cycling Campaign, CEO, Ashok Sinha, said “LCC greatly welcomes Addison Lee’s efforts to reduce the risk of collisions and is delighted to help the company enhance the cycling safety awareness training it provides for its drivers. This partnership will make it safer and more enjoyable to get around London by bike.”

Addison Lee adds that its commitment to cycling safety represents one of the core modules of its Knowledge School; others include awareness of the technology that Addison Lee deploys in all its vehicles as well as equality and diversity.

Founded in Battersea in 1975, Addison Lee is Europe’s largest private hire car service company. Addison Lee offers a full range of transport services, courier and international delivery services. With a fleet of 4,500 premium vehicles, Addison Lee uses bespoke allocation software, offering an average pick up time of four minutes in Central London with a fulfilment rate that stands at 99%.

The new and improved Addison Lee app has been designed to make getting around easier – its ‘take me home’ function means that customers can book a cab home in just two simple taps. Addison Lee adds that it has won 12 business awards and numerous environmental awards including the 2015 Green Fleet Award for Private Hire/Taxi Company of the Year and a 2016 International Safety Council Award.




  1. Positive news and quite a turn around from Addison Lee. As a cyclist in London for over 20 years, seeing their sticker on the back of a black people carrier was always a danger sign for bad driving. Hopefully this will now change. If it does I may even use their services.


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