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Second outing for Garmin Ocean Lava Malta in 2017

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Malta’s only middle distance triathlon – the Garmin Ocean Lava Malta 113km Triathlon, which is also designated by the Malta Triathlon Federation as the country’s Long Distance National Triathlon Championships is set to return on Sunday 21 May 2017. The event takes place around the picturesque Bahar ic-Caghaq Coast Road – offering a challenging route that includes ‘flat stretches, undulating hills and steep turns that require a strong focus by those taking part’.

Bahar ic-Caghaq is located along the coast road from Qawra to St Julian’s and has a couple of small sandy and rocky beaches enclosed in a rocky shore. Ba?ar i?-?ag?aq is named after a long stretch of rocky coast characterised by a large number of pebbles and sharp rocks. The name Ba?ar i?-?ag?aq in Maltese can be translated to the meaning ‘sea of pebbles’ in English.



What started off as a small race between friends, to gauge their preparation for an IRONMAN race, the Garmin Ocean Lava Malta 113km Triathlon has now developed into one of the highlights of the Maltese triathlon calendar and is gaining strong popularity amongst international triathletes.

“Ten years have passed since the initial Malta 113K Tri kicked off and last season we joined the Ocean Lava growing family of triathlon events,” said race founder and director Charlie Demanuele. “Being part of Ocean Lava Planet will further grow our network and reinforce our efforts to make Malta’s position in the international triathlon scene stronger.”

The race will kick off on Sunday 21 May with a 1.9K swim in Palm Beach, Bahar ic-Caghaq (with a beach start undertaking an equilateral distance of approximately 630m each in a triangular form), followed by a 90K cycle – consisting of 7 loops of approximately 13km each along the Coast Road, heading up to Pembroke and going all the way to Salina. A 21km run will complete the distance. Here athletes will run three loops of 7km each from the transition area in Palm Beach towards Salina.

Participation in the race is either on an individual basis, where athletes undertake the full distance of 113km, or through relay participation, which sees three athletes teaming up to undertake one of the three disciplines.

Registration for the 2017 edition of Ocean Lava Malta are open.




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