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‘Smooth power’ for new absoluteBLACK Oval Road chainrings

absoluteblack road Oval chainring - shifting ramps

absoluteBLACK is building an international following for its ‘cadence improving, power smoothing and traction enhancing, oval mountain bike chainrings.’ The brand’s CEO, Marcin Golec, has now announced the global launch, in spring 2016, of the new absoluteBLACK Oval Road chainrings.

absoluteBLACK notes that it is committed to ensure every rider can benefit from the many ride improving attributes of oval chainrings. ‘Many road riders have a tendency to ‘mash’ their pedals and need help to perfect their spin and smooth out power delivery.’

Oval rings can help achieve this goal. absoluteBLACK’s Oval Road chainrings incorporate the ‘optimum ovality’, to work with human physiology, delivering a spin sensation that feels ‘rounder than round’.

According to the company, climbing takes less effort and knee strain is reduced. AbsoluteBLACK believes switching to oval chainrings is of maximum benefit to time-pressed amateur and sportive road riders.



The new absoluteBLACK Oval Road Premium chainrings feature an extensive and highly complex machining process – to ‘produce the best shifting oval chainrings, at the lightest possible weight, without sacrificing strength and the rigidity – vital for consistent shifting speed and accuracy.’

absoluteBLACK adds that, unlike other oval chainring manufacturers, it has optimised the timing position of its chainrings ovality to a single fitting option – taking the confusion, uncertainty and guesswork out of fitting oval chainrings.

The new absoluteBLACK Oval Road Premium chainrings are available in a variety of tooth sizes, bolt circle diameters and in Shimano and SRAM crank arm configurations. All chainrings are anodised in the UK. A choice of three colours is available; black, grey or red.

absoluteblack road Oval chainring - Ultegra 6800

absoluteBLACK products are designed in the UK and manufactured in the EU at the brand’s own factory in Poland, to ensure the very highest standards of quality.

absoluteBLACK products are now also distributed in the US by QARV Imports (ROTOR USA), and in the UK by Velotech Services (Rotor Distribution). Both have collaborated with absoluteBLACK in the development of the new Oval Road Premium chainrings.




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