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Sports tourism showcased at Herbalife Bali International Triathlon press conference

Herbalife Bali International Triathlon

As part of its series of roadshows to raise awareness, the Herbalife Bali International Triathlon conducted a press conference on 21 July to showcase the event ahead of race day on 14 August 2016. The press conference gave the organising team, and the event’s sponsors, an opportunity to discuss their vision for sports tourism in Indonesia.

The 9th Herbalife Bali International Triathlon (HBIT) 2016 will be held at Mertasari Beach, Sanur, Bali. For the second consecutive year, Herbalife Indonesia is the title sponsor for the event, which includes both an Olympic distance and shorter Sprint Distance course.

“This is the ninth year we have supported Bali International Triathlon, and the second year we act as title sponsor,” said Country General Manager for Herbalife Indonesia, Andam Dewi. “After witnessing the tight competition and athlete enthusiasm every year over the past nine years, we believe that this year’s competition will attract a record number of fans and participants from around the world.”

The 2016 Herbalife Bali International Triathlon is also supported by Bank Mandiri, as part of its continuing commitment to develop sports and tourism in Indonesia.

“Our supporting sponsorship for the second year is in keeping with our objective to support events that are sport tourism related in Indonesia,” said Head of Corporate Communications for Bank Mandiri, Ahmad Reza.

“Bali, as one of the main tourism destinations in Indonesia, will surely become a unique attraction for triathlon sports fans. In our capacity as a state-owned bank, the Herbalife Bali International Triathlon is one of the international events that we will continue to support in order to generate enthusiasm for national sporting events and a sense of nationalism.”

From year to year, the number of tri participants in Bali have steadily increased, from 150 participants at the first race in 2007 to more than 1,200 participants in 2015. Sports Manager for the 2016 Herbalife Bali International Triathlon, Panji Buana noted not only how the number of participants have increased each year, but also that the number of Indonesian athletes now dominate entries.

Buana said “The numbers of athletes overall together with the number of Indonesian athletes have gone up each year. Keeping pace with the rapid growth of tourism to Bali since 2007, Herbalife’s ambition to make a lasting contribution to the development of sports tourism via their support of the Herbalife Bali International Triathlon continues to flourish.”

The Director of Herbalife Bali International Triathlon 2016, Arie Sukirno, welcomed Bank Mandiri back as one of the event’s major sponsors. “Since its initiation in 2007,” said Sukirno, “Bali International Triathlon has become a pioneer in international scale sports in Bali and we are proud that Bank Mandiri has supported the next step in our journey to make the Island one of the best international sports destinations.”

Herbalife Bali International Triathlon is Indonesia’s oldest Olympic Distance Triathlon. The race has won various international awards, including ‘Best Destination Triathlon’.

Starting in 2007, the ninth edition of the Bali International Triathlon (BIT) returns on Sunday 14 August 2016. The 2016 race has unveiled its new venue in Sanur, a ‘move made necessary to accommodate the rapid growth in participants and with each successive running of the event’.

The title sponsor, Herbalife Indonesia, is part of the international Herbalife nutritional supplement organization now working in 90 nations around the world. The organizers add that the Bali race ‘reflects values championed by Herbalife through its shared focus on nourishment, weight-control, vitality and wellness products.’




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