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Stan’s NoTubes celebrates 15 years with new sealant, in-house R&D division and logo

Stans NoTubes - new logo 2016

Stan’s NoTubes has introduced a new sealant, a new in-house R&D division and a new logo as it celebrates 15 years in business.

Created by the new division, Stan’s Racing Development (SRD), the new high-performance Race Sealant has been ‘designed for and tested by top racers in the most demanding conditions around the globe.’ According to Stan’s NoTubes, it’s the next level of sealing power from the company that invented tubeless conversion.

“When everything is on the line, this is the sealant you want in your tyres,” said Stan Koziatek, Founder and Owner of Stan’s NoTubes. “We’ve worked with the pros to create a sealant that seals more quickly and more reliably, meaning less air is lost during punctures so you can get to the finish line faster.”

Stan’s NoTubes new Race Sealant is the first Stan’s Racing Development (SRD) product the company is making available.

From cross country and downhill mountain biking to cyclocross, a passion for racing has been a driving force for Stan’s NoTubes’ products. Stan’s Racing Development (SRD) is a new in-house division ‘created to pursue high-performance, race-oriented products developed and tested through the rigors of professional racing at the highest levels.’

SRD products are positioned as the ‘embodiment of all of the time spent determining how to shave tenths of a second from the clock by developing the absolute best equipment that provides our athletes with an advantage on race day.’

For more than 14 years, Stan’s NoTubes adds that it has been quietly formulating a special racing version of its sealant for many of cycling’s most successful teams. Working with athletes who push themselves and their tubeless systems to the absolute limit, the company developed the proprietary sealant formula it is now marketing as Race Sealant.

Stan's NoTubes introduces new Race sealant

Race Sealant starts with the same premium low-viscosity latex blend that the company developed when it pioneered tubeless conversion 15 years ago. Like the standard sealant, the new Race Sealant is formulated to perform in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34.4 degrees Celsius). Natural materials are also used to ensure that the sealant is ‘non-toxic, non-hazardous and safe for humans and the environment.’

The key difference is the amount and type of sealing crystals used in creating the new Race Sealant. With nearly twice the amount of the standard sealing crystals, plus additional ‘XL crystals’ capable of sealing even larger punctures, Race Sealant is designed for maximum sealing power. The combination of new, larger and more included smaller crystals all interlocks to form a lattice work that not only seals punctured tyres faster but also strengthens and reinforces them.

“Stan’s Race Sealant allows us to use less sealant and get the same performance,” said current US Cross Country and Short Track Mountain Bike National Champion Chloe Woodruff of the Stan’s NoTubes-Pivot Team. “Race Sealant gives us an edge over the competition because it’s lighter and highly effective.”

Race Sealant is different from the traditional sealant in that it must be installed directly into the tyre. The quantity and size of the crystals in the new special formula will clog injectors and smaller bottles almost immediately.

Luna Chix Pro Team Mechanic Dusty Labarr said, “Stan’s NoTubes Race Sealant is the most important item on my checklist of things to take to every race. It’s essential for a great ride. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get on the podium at Worlds or are just trying to make it back to the truck before it gets dark. If you have Stan’s Race Sealant in your tyres, you’re going to get there.”

Stan’s NoTubes, founded and owned by Stan and Cindy Koziatek, helped to set the industry standard for making mountain bikes tyres tubeless. Using his ingenuity, Stan Koziatek devised the original NoTubes sealing system in 2001, the same system that today has become a preferred tubeless conversion system around the world.

Stan’s NoTubes currently designs, produces and sells mountain bike, road and cyclocross wheels, rims and hubs as well as a range of products for tubeless conversion.




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