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Sufferfest strikes a pose with ‘yoga for cyclists’


The Sufferfest, creator of the ‘only cycling training app designed to address the needs of the complete athlete’, has launched a new Yoga for Cyclists program in The Sufferfest Training Centre App. The Sufferfest has partnered with Yoga 15, a recognized names in yoga for endurance and action sport athletes, to provide riders with targeted exercises to recover faster, reduce injury and unlock their potential on a bike.

“Our concept with The Sufferfest Training Centre App is to provide cyclists and triathletes with all the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals,” said David McQuillen, CEO of the Sufferfest. “Cycling puts unique demands on an athlete’s body, and many of the world’s top cyclists use yoga to take their performance to the next level. Having yoga sessions on a training platform like this is absolutely unique in the cycling training market.”

The Yoga for Cyclists program on The Sufferfest App includes 20 videos divided into six categories – Recovery, Core Strength, Flexibility, Posture/Balance/Agility, Breathing & Guided Meditation and Yoga while Traveling. The sessions are tailored for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced practitioners.


The content for Yoga for Cyclists was developed and designed by Abi Carver, founder of Yoga 15.

“We wanted a yoga partner who was performance-oriented and understood the specific needs of endurance athletes,” said McQuillen. “Abi Carver was the ideal choice. She has built a global reputation with her effective, no-nonsense yoga sessions. At fifteen minutes or less, her routines can fit into even the busiest schedules, which resonates perfectly with The Sufferfest philosophy of maximum return on minimum time.”

“Cycling is an incredibly challenging sport that involves spending long periods of time in a relatively fixed position,” said Abi Carver. “By spending a few minutes a day on these easy-to-follow routines, cyclists of all skill levels will quickly see improvements in their flexibility, balance and power.”

Alongside the Yoga videos, The Sufferfest app provides subscribers with the entire Sufferfest library of 37 videos, the ability to connect fitness devices over Bluetooth and ANT+ as well as control Smart Trainers or workout with ‘Virtual Power.’ Workouts are stored in the app and can also be shared with popular platforms such as Strava and Training Peaks.

The yoga sessions have also been integrated into the free Road, Cyclocross, XC Mountain Bike and Triathlon training plans that come with the app, and which were developed for The Sufferfest by Neal Henderson, CEO of APEX Coaching.

The app, which has a seven-day free trial, is available for Windows, iPad, iPhone and Mac computers and costs US$10 per month.




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