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Tailwind fuels up with Darby Communications as PR agency

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Tailwind Nutrition, manufacturer of the popular Tailwind-branded endurance drink mix has confirmed its partnership with public relations agency Darby Communications. Effective immediately, Darby Communications’ team will implement a public relations and social media campaign to ‘heighten brand awareness and spread excitement about Tailwind Nutrition’s endurance drink mix that is all you need, all day long.’

Based in the active mountain town of Durango, Colorado, Tailwind Nutrition was founded by co-owners and endurance athletes, Jeff and Jenny Vierling. After struggling to find a source of nutrition for the Leadville 100 that addressed the challenges of fuelling for longer events, Jeff formulated a nutritional drink mix.

The product positioning is a clean, refreshing taste and it aims to solves common issues such as ‘stomach problems (feeling full, bloated or worse), ease of use (getting fuel and electrolytes from a single drink rather than juggling gels, electrolyte pills, or bars/chews) and those all too common gunky, sticky water bottles.’

Manufactured at its Colorado facility, Tailwind Nutrition is an ‘all-natural product which users can feel good about consuming.’

“We are excited to be working with Darby Communications,” said Jenny Vierling, Co-founder of Tailwind Nutrition. “This past year has seen the Tailwind brand grow beyond our traditional niche of endurance athletes and become more available through the specialty retail channel. Darby is well positioned to help us continue this rapid growth with their personalized hands-on approach to business.”

“We use Tailwind Nutrition for racing and training, so we are thrilled to be able to share their unique product with athletes of all disciplines,” said Coral Darby, founder of Darby Communications. “With our experience in the fitness, outdoors and wellness markets, it was a natural extension to add Tailwind Nutrition to our stellar roster of clients.”




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