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Taking on new directions for media, Ultimate Direction retains OutsidePR

Ultimate Direction - backpack photo

OutsidePR has been retained by Ultimate Direction, a leading brand of hydration and equipment for runners. OutsidePR will serve as the brand’s public relations agency of record. As a creator of lightweight athlete-inspired hydration packs and water belts for running and endurance sports, Ultimate Direction has ‘redefined high performance hydration since its founding in 1985.’

Buzz Burrell, Vice President at Ultimate Direction, said, “We spent a very long time assessing the landscape for a creative and reputable agency to help us expand our branding and market position within the US and across European and Asian consumer audiences.

“We’re experiencing extraordinary growth and feel as if we found exactly the right partner in OutsidePR to communicate our brand news and upcoming product lines.”

In an effort to incorporate racing and training feedback into the designs of its products, Ultimate Direction teams up with some of the world’s top ultrarunners, including Scott Jurek, Anton Krupicka, Timmy Olson, Larisa Dannis and Michelle Yates, to create innovative, athlete-inspired running collections.

The popular Jurek Collection and first-ever Women’s Collection, inspired by lead designer Jenny Jurek, feature a ‘super-clean design and uber-lightweight and comfortable format for running.’

With an already extensive line of performance hydration packs, vests, hand-held bottles, running belts and accessories, Ultimate Direction also launched its first wearable gear including the popular Ultimate Direction Ultra Jacket and Marathon Shell for men and women.

“We’ve had our eye on Ultimate Direction since I started running trails in 1999,” said OutsidePR President Gordon Wright. “Ultimate Direction’s designs and products are the best on the market today, by a long shot. And even more exciting, they are pushing that innovation into new directions to serve the needs of the outdoor athletes.”

He continued, “It’s a great time to be on board with the company and [parent company] Exxel Corp, and I finally get to work with one of my heroes, Buzz Burrell.”

OutsidePR will represent all lines of product in both consumer and trade media outreach across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

In 1985 Ultimate Direction ‘invented the first waist pack for carrying bottles.’ A few years later the company designed the ‘first hand-held water bottle carrier and numerous innovations defining the hydration pack category for endurance and every-day athletes.’

30 years later the brand remains a market leader. Having created and popularized the ‘vest concept’ for carrying water, Ultimate Direction introduced ‘the very first women’s-specific line of hydration packs, and has brought the classics of the past into the technical future with award-winning gear such as the Ultimate Direction Fastpack and Ultra Jacket.’ Ultimate Direction is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.




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