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Today’s Plan: custom, tailored cycling training – reaching out to event organizers

Today's Plan - custom, tailored cycling training - screen dashboard

An Australian start-up, Today’s Plan, is providing ‘training plans & analytics customized for any rider doing any event.’ Today’s Plan notes that it is making structured, custom-tailored, training more accessible to every cyclist via it’s suite of online training tools.

By working closely with event promoters, the company adds specific events to its database that a rider can then choose as a target event. The target event information, combined with specific input from the rider about their experience, availability for training, goals and equipment allows Today’s Plan algorithm to design a customized training plan, unique to every rider’s personal goals.

Any event promoter wishing to have their event listed in Today’s Plan’s database should contact info[at]todaysplan.com.au

Accessed via the web and mobile apps, Today’s Plan software ‘integrates with nearly every device cyclists use.’ This includes power meters, heart rate monitors and indoor trainers from market leaders such as Garmin, Wahoo Fitness, CycleOps, SRM and many others.

Today’s Plan allows riders to ‘understand baseline performance and improvement by producing powerful and customizable data sets.’

“Our vision for Today’s Plan has always been to offer intelligent training systems for riders of all levels to produce highly specific and custom-tailored training plans,” said Ben Bowley, Managing Director of Today’s Plan.

“We not only produce custom training plans, but we can structure them around specific events, and I think any event organizer recognizes that having cyclists show up who are well trained produces a better event for all.”

He continued, “We’re looking forward to building a strong database of North American events over the next few months.”



“Having Rocky Trail Entertainment events listed in the Today’s Plan training system really helps the athletes target our events very specifically and also encourages them to commit early to entering our races,” said Martin Wisata of Rocky Trail Entertainment.

“With 18 events a year, having a great training partner adds another layer of professionalism for the serious athletes.”

Based in the cycling capital of Australia, Canberra, Today’s Plan began offering its comprehensive training system for cyclists in late 2014 and has continued to expand its coaching and analytical tools.

Today’s Plan has become a tool to thousands of coaches and cyclists who use it on a daily basis. The innovation and intelligence built into the Today’s Plan platform is the result of extensive software development by its founders, combined with detailed input from experienced sports scientists, coaches and large number of riders and racers.

Today’s Plan provides the same level of training programming for recreational and club-level cyclists as for professional teams.

Today’s Plan adds that it offers a scientifically based, tailored training system to suit the goals, type of riding and lifestyle of any cyclist.




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