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TrainingPeaks introduces The Pacing Project for runners

TrainingPeaks - run pace calculator The Pacing Project

Any runner that has set a goal time for an event has also likely looked at some type of pace calculator to find a successful strategy. However, according to coaching specialist TrainingPeaks, standard running calculators simply estimate race times and pace by looking at average pace or distances alone.

TrainingPeaks adds that this type of pacing isn’t very accurate or effective because different courses have varied terrain, which require more or less energy to complete.

This is why TrainingPeaks has started The Pacing Project – as a new way to ‘create the most detailed pacing plan for runners.’ Built off the ‘highly accurate time prediction modelling of Best Bike Split’, the Pacing Project takes those same concepts and applies them to running. Based off of a Goal Time, Graded Pace, or Recent Race Pace runners will be able to:

Predict finish time for a specific race course
Determine optimal pacing for a specific course
Create a personalized pacing cheat sheet based on terrain

Runners are invited to try out the free tool and provide feedback to TrainingPeaks. The online training specialist will be looking to add more features in the future – such as weight, weather and altitude adjustments.

The company adds that ‘this project is independent of TrainingPeaks web and mobile apps and may be changed or removed at any time.’




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