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Ultra runners inspire new Ultimate Direction Signature Series 3.0

Ultimate Direction AK Mountain Vest 3.0

Ultimate Direction has released its Signature Series 3.0 line of performance hydration vests for outdoor athletes. The extended range of models are inspired by four of the best ultra-runners in the world: Timothy Olson, Scott Jurek, Anton Krupicka and Peter Bakwin.

The range includes the TO Race Vest, SJ Ultra Vest, AK Mountain Vest and PB Adventure Vest.

Having aimed at changing the world of hydration with its original Signature Series, Ultimate Direction’s extended 3.0 line now includes four models and incorporates new SilNylon, knit mono mesh and power mesh materials providing for lighter vests with larger carrying capacities.

All four models are compatible with the brand’s newly invented 500ml soft Body Bottles in front of the vests making hydration options quicker and easier to fill and clean.

“The huge popularity of the Signature Series is in part due to it being designed by top runners,” said Buzz Burrell, Vice President at Ultimate Direction. “The addition of Timothy Olson enabled us to extend the range of the series with Anton’s new Mountain Vest. We’re very proud of how well the 3.0 Series performs across all landscapes and terrain – whether in the mountains or across deserts. They’re extremely durable and can really go anywhere and do anything.”

TO Race Vest 3.0
Inspired by Timothy Olson, the two-time winner and course-record holder of the Western States 100 and 4th place finisher at the Ultra Tour Du Mont Blanc, the TO Race Vest is 2 ounces lighter than before and offers more storage up front with the same 5.0 litre capacity. Thanks to new lightweight T-Hook adjustable sternum straps in the front, the vest is more form-fitting and adjustable for increased comfort. In addition to phone compatible pockets and adjustable bottle holsters on the front, the TO Race Vest features on-the-go trekking pole holders for easy access on the trails.

SJ Ultra Vest 3.0
Scott Jurek won the Western States 100 seven years in a row and most recently set the new record on the Appalachian Trail, all while using the Ultra Vest. His newly designed Ultra Vest 3.0 is almost half the weight (176g) and offers an 8.5 litre capacity. The SJ Ultra Vest 3.0 also comes with the T-Hook adjustable sternum strap system and on-the-go trekking pole holders for longer activity. The back features an upper reservoir-compatible pouch as well as a lower pocket for fuel and accessories.

AK Mountain Vest 3.0
Designed by Boulder-based athlete and two-time winner of the Leadville 100, Anton Krupicka – for his skiing, climbing, hiking and running mountain adventures – the new AK Mountain Vest 3.0 is the same light weight as the UltraVest 2.0 (310g) but with one third more capacity (11.5 litres). Featuring a sliding rail sternum strap system in the front, the AK Mountain Vest 3.0 includes an emergency whistle, double ice axe loops and secure lateral pockets for mountain gear.

PB Adventure Vest 3.0
Avid snowboarder, mountaineer, kayaker and mountain biker, Peter Bakwin is the only person to have run the Hardrock 100 twice in a row and is the inspiration behind the new PB Adventure Vest 3.0. The culmination of the Signature Series, the 16 litre capacity Adventure Vest can carry 1.5 gallons of water while still weighing less than the 2.0 Series (377g). Offering similar features to the AK Mountain Vest, the PB Adventure Vest provides a wide mesh pouch for wet and voluminous gear and offers numerous options for storage. The vest comes with 1 Body Bottle 500 bottle.

The Signature Series 3.0 is available at select retailers in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Product MSRPs are: TO Race Vest 3.0, US$109.95; SJ Ultra Vest 3.0, US$124.95; AK Mountain Vest 3.0, US$149.95; and PB Adventure Vest 3.0, US$169.95.




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