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Rapid take-up for 2017 Outlaw Half Nottingham and Holkham

Outlaw swim start - photo OSB Events

Entries for the 2017 editions of the Outlaw Half Nottingham and Holkham opened this week at osbevents.com with an extended capacity at both events. Last year, entries for the 2016 Nottingham event sold out in not much more than 60 seconds.

This year, entries for the Outlaw Half Nottingham may not have sold in sixty seconds as they did last year; but all VIP entries had been snapped up by lunch time after the popular event opened to priority VIP entries at 09:00 GMT on the morning of 17 August followed by the new Holkham event at 11:00.

Anyone who missed out yesterday has the option to enter when general entries open for Nottingham at 09:00 today (18 August). Relay competitors will be able to enter at this time as well. Holkham entries will open at 11:00.

2017 event dates:

  • Outlaw Half Nottingham 21 May: 1,500 entries available
  • Outlaw Half Holkham 2 July: 2,000 entries available
  • Outlaw 23 July: 1,500 entries available

Those missing out on a place at next year’s events are encouraged to contact Cancer Research UK as ‘reserve places will not be offered, even in the event of competitors withdrawing from the event at a later stage’. The organising team at OSB Events adds that there is no waiting list available.

Both the Outlaw Half Nottingham and Outlaw Half Holkham events cover a 1900m swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile run, with the Nottingham event having been launched in 2012 off the back off the success of the main, full distance Outlaw Triathlon. The Holkham event was new for 2016.

The Nottingham event has been extended from 1,450 to 1,500 entries and Holkham has increased capacity from 1,500 to 2,000.

Event Director, Iain Hamilton, said “If we could extend Nottingham any further then we would with confidence, but we’re constrained by the amount of space we have. Holkham is a different proposition, we have virtually unlimited space; it’s a fantastic venue at Holkham Estate and we hope to see that event grow significantly.”

He added “We don’t have plans for any new Outlaw events next year, but it’s something we’re looking into for 2018 perhaps.”

The organising team at OSB Events notes that competitor feedback from both Nottingham and Holkham has been ‘overwhelmingly positive; 99.5% of people said they enjoyed July’s Holkham event’.

Holkham Estate is in North Norfolk, which offers ‘low cost accommodation, quiet roads and some of the most incredible scenery in Britain’. This event can accommodate 2,000 entries for 2017. The course covers a lake swim, flat to undulating bike and undulating run. Much of the course takes place within the estate grounds and on site camping will be available during the race weekend.




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