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Volcanic origins spread to Ocean Lava Madeira

Ocean Lava Madeira bike

Ocean Lava is expanding its reach with its latest event in Madeira – Ocean Lava Madeira – that is getting set to land on the Portuguese archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa. Taking place on 11 June 2016 – and expanding its partnership with the Triatlo Longo Costa da Laurissilva – Ocean Lava Madeira will be held along Madeira’s Laurisilva coast.

Having worked together on the event in the past, the Ocean Lava triathlon series has forged a collaboration with the Madeira Regional Triathlon Association (Associação Regional de Triatlo da Madeira) and with the joint initiative of the Municipal Councils of Porto Moniz, São Vicente.

The event’s new venue at the Quinta do Lorde Resort Marina is only 20 minutes from the capital – Funchal – and 10 minutes from Madeira International Airport. The surrounding area of Quinta do Lorde Resort, Hotel & Marina is one of the most visited by tourists and visitors, enjoying trails and sea views, set in the nature reserve of Ponta de São Lourenço.

The new event location is expected to attract a large number of travelling athletes. Ocean Lava Madeira will also be particularly targeted at triathletes from Portugal, the Azores, Spain, UK and other markets where Ocean Lava has built a loyal following.

Madeira has one of the oldest tourist traditions in Europe and the Ocean Lava Madeira organising team expect that ‘triathlon tourism will make new waves’ in the coming months. Ocean Lava Madeira is thus being positioned as a triathlon race with a special opportunity to take a nice… ‘triathlon holiday on an island surrounded by flowers with a wonderful climate and beautiful beaches.’

Ocean Lava Madeira resort

Scheduled to be held on Saturday 11 June, the south coast of Madeira in the city of Machico and civil parish Caniçal and in the surroundings of Quinta do Lorde Resort, Hotel & Marina, will use all access roads to the Natural Reserve of Ponta de São Lourenço, ‘one of the last nearly untouched places in Europe’.

Ocean Lava Madeira 2016 is offering three distances with the main half distance race, olympic distance race and sprint distance event.

Ocean Lava Madeira with its new race course will aim to challenge the limits of all athletes and there will be a physical challenge for each race participant. The Ocean Lava Madeira half distance has a 1.9K swim (two laps of 950m), followed by a 90K cycle – consisting of 11 loops of approximately 8.2km each; and a final running segment with 6 laps of 3.5km each.

Madeira’s volcanic origins provide a hilly landscape and a mild climate all year round, encouraging close contact with nature. The volcanic origins of Madeira can still be seen. The island is surprisingly mountainous with peaks of 1,860m, over 6,100 feet high.

Fortunately for tourists, volcanic activity stopped about 6,500 years ago. This activity has endowed the island with a fertile landscape where much of the island was, until comparatively recently, covered in ancient subtropical rainforests. Indeed this is the reason for the name of the island, with Madeira meaning ‘wood’ in Portuguese.



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