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Wattie Ink is official apparel provider of QT2 Systems’ coaching brands

Wattie Ink is official apparel provider of QT2 Systems’ coaching brands

Multisport coaching specialist QT2 Systems has announced a partnership with Wattie Ink, as the official apparel provider of QT2 Systems’ coaching brands. Through this partnership, QT2 notes that Wattie Ink will bring a new dynamic to the look of the QT2 Systems and OutRival Racing triathlon teams, with cutting edge new kit technology and designs.

As part of this partnership, QT2 Systems will also serve as an official coaching and nutrition provider to Wattie Ink’s Team Programs, providing preparatory services, through QT2 Systems, OutRival Racing and The Core Diet.

QT2 Systems Founder and PRO Coach, Jesse Kropelnicki, said “Wattie Ink is an American producer of custom apparel with a fresh and unique look. In a space that is dominated by overseas producers, it is refreshing to outfit our athletes with well-made and great looking American made products. We are very excited to also join their elite team, as an official service provider, and look forward to ‘Rocking the W!’”

Wattie Ink Founder and CEO, Sean Watkins, a.k.a. ‘Wattie’, said “We are super pumped to be working with QT2 Systems as their official apparel provider. QT2 has established themselves as a strong global presence, in the sport of triathlon, through their coaching, nutrition and team programs.

“They are based in the US, have an extremely experienced coaching staff, which coaches athletes of all levels to reach their triathlon-related goals, and we are extremely excited to be a part of that.”

QT2 Systems offers endurance event preparation via its brands QT2 Systems (Detailed Triathlon Coach), OutRival Racing (Triathlon Coach & Group Training), Your 26.2 (Run Coach) and The Core Diet (Endurance Nutrition).

QT2’s over 40 professional USA Triathlon certified coaches and Registered Dietitians offer one-on-one training and nutrition to over 35 professionals, over 60 elite age group athletes (including Kona and Boston qualifiers), and more than 400 beginner to mid-level athletes throughout the USA and worldwide.




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