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Windows 10 compatibility for Garmin Connect Mobile

Garmin Connect Mobile screen shots

Garmin has confirmed Windows 10 compatibility for Garmin Connect Mobile, the application where Garmin users can find the information, data and features that are important to them.

Garmin Connect Mobile’s modern and colourful design, with a new graphic interface can be tailored to the user based on individual interests. Whether users are training for a marathon, trying to fit in more steps throughout the day or even working to improve their golf game, Garmin Connect Mobile will aim to show the most important and relevant data to meet their needs.

Utilising Microsoft Cortana voice technology, users are able to ask Garmin Connect Mobile questions including ‘How many steps did I take yesterday?’ and receive integrated responses with their data.

The app also uses Microsoft Live Tiles to show aspects such as active calories, number of connections requests that a user has, last activity information, how much sleep a user got the previous night, how many steps the user has taken toward their goal, and more.

This update also allows for additional social sharing through the newsfeed, leaderboards and the updated Challenges feature where users can compete in a weekly step challenge against other Garmin Connect users that average the same amount of weekly steps. With compatible devices, users can wirelessly upload their data directly from the device to the online network and share progress on social media.

Helping keep users on track with their health and wellness goals daily and over time, the app has an easy-to-navigate look and feel that includes daily snapshots, leader boards and a newsfeed for user experience and engagement. The interface can be tailored to the individual user for easy access to data that’s most relevant to them.

Users can select their own snapshots (or dashboards) that allow them to focus on their goals and interests, ranging anywhere from increasing daily steps, getting a better night’s sleep or training for an upcoming race. At a glance, Garmin Connect Mobile users can track their progress and get insight into their activities with metrics that matter.




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