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Xendurance heralds new clinical study into performance boosting credentials


Sports nutrition specialist Xendurance has announced the results from a recently completed clinical study on the Xendurance product. Billed as ‘a revolutionary athletic performance product that reduces muscle soreness and trauma’, the study showed that Xendurance helped to deliver a ‘26% reduction in lactic acid, a 39% reduction post exercise oxidative stress, and a six times reduction of Creatine Kinase levels in just 10 days’.

Conducted at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette by Dr David Bellar, Director of the School of Kinesiology, the study looked into 10 days of Xendurance use and addressed: athletic performance, buffering capacity during exercise and post exercise muscle damage, oxidative stress and inflammation. It was a double-blind, placebo controlled crossover study with 16 active males that assessed the total effects of extreme endurance during exercise.

“This is the second double-blind clinical study that once again proves without question that Xendurance is the most important discovery in sports nutrition since creatine,” said Xendurance President, Robyn Kellin.

This second study follows a published clinical study conducted in Germany in 2010, which showed the average lactic acid reduction was 15% in 22 elite athletes with an increase in aerobic threshold by double digits in a short, 10-day period. The scientific data and quantitative results from both studies were conducted by third parties and concluded that ‘[Xendurance] helps increase performance, combats and reduces muscle damage associated with exercise, and speeds up recovery for any athlete whether a World Champion or weekend warrior’.

“Anyone not using Xendurance could definitely be at a disadvantage,” commented Dr David Bellar, Director of the School of Kinesiology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. “The evidence is scientifically sound.”

Xendurance was the first US sports nutrition product to be certified and tested for banned substances by Informed Choice|Sport, and the sports anti-doping lab, LGC. Additionally, Xendurance has also been ‘proven to substantially reduce Creatine Kinase levels and muscle damage which in turn helps to speed recovery’.

“I have been using Xendurance every day for over three years and I love the way it helps with my recovery, muscle fatigue and soreness,” added Josh Bridges, retired Navy Seal and 2011 Crossfit Games second place finisher. “I am able to train at a much higher intensity and for a longer period of time.”

Xendurance is a sports nutrition company founded in the US in 2006 when the formula Xendurance was under development. The parent company, Lifespan International US, located in Carefree, Arizona, set out to develop an all-natural, drug-free, product to help improve an athlete’s performance by improving both aerobic and lactic acid threshold.

Lifespan International recognizes that ‘diet and training is essential to every athlete and active person, and with proven science, sports nutrition can dramatically add to the complete package for optimum performance, no matter the sport’.

With that in mind, Lifespan International has continuously expanded the Xendurance product line with products that compliment an athlete’s training regimen. These include protein, pre and post workout formulas, electrolyte drinks, multi-vitamins, omega and joint formulas. Xendurance adds that it ‘continues to be on the forefront of using this science and success in providing sports nutrition to athletes in every sport and on every level’.




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