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1,350 exhibitors expected for ‘year of change’ at Eurobike 2018

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The organising team at Eurobike 2018 is reporting ‘strong bookings’ for next year’s trade show; and the organizers of the trade fair are expecting around 1,350 exhibitors from all over the world. “Through the new scheduling, we have for the first time obtained the support of the global bicycle industry to participate in Eurobike at an early stage,” explained Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann. “We are looking forward to a full exhibition hall with ground-breaking bike themes.”

Amending the concept for next year’s Eurobike, the organizers of the leading bike industry expo argue that they are ‘responding to the great dynamics of the global bicycle industry and for the first time are holding the 27th Eurobike at an earlier stage of 8-10 July 2018, and with a purely specialized direction.’

“We are giving the original function of Eurobike back to the manufacturers and importers: namely the first publication of the new collection and the associated exchange with trading partners for seasonal planning,” added Klaus Wellmann.

Eurobike Divisional Head Stefan Reisinger said, “The dynamics with which the bicycle industry is changing are immense. We are pleased with the reception and the solidarity and have never had such a demand for space at this early time as for the coming trade fair. In particular, the number of participating companies from abroad and the strong growth in the e-mobility, drives, components and mobility solutions sectors are the market’s driving forces.

“All the relevant market players have made firm bookings. We can also report a full assembly in the areas of accessories, parts and clothing.”

Reisinger continued, “The highly sportive sector without the ‘E’ is losing its relevance thanks to the motorized bike, and these market shifts are reflected by our exhibitors. On the other hand, we have in total around 200 potential new customers, returnees and lateral entrants from other industries for the upcoming trade fair and here we can draw from the full range.”

The change from a traditional Eurobike slot in late August to the earlier slot in July 2018 presents a challenge to companies – with an interval of 10 months between the 2017 and 2018 events. Reisinger added, “In perspective, we regard ourselves as very well equipped after this ‘year of change’ 2018, with the positioning as a trade fair for trends, novelties and information.”

Eurobike Media Days 2018 will start around midday on Monday 4 July and will end on Friday 6 July at 16:00 CET. This opens a new time window for event participants before the start of the main show on Sunday 8 July, one that they can use for a wide variety of purposes. For example, as the Eurobike organising team points out, ‘they can use this time to prepare their stands in Friedrichshafen, conduct additional product presentations and media engagements, or even put on targeted meetings and incentives in the Lake Constance region the day before the show.’

In parallel, on Saturday 7 July 2018, Eurobike will be offering ‘a high level convention and presentation program’. OEM manufacturers will have the opportunity to set up closed door meetings and preview events, arrange individual product launches for participating brands, and offer organized rides with specialty retailers and media representatives.

To be able to offer interested manufacturers as much quality time with dealers and partners as possible within the framework of the three-day Eurobike 2018, in the future, show organizers will ‘increasingly offer individualized support for event formats that take place before, during and after the show.’




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