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24-7 continuous heart rate now available on Polar M430

Polar M430

Having recently confirmed the addition of Polar Sleep Plus to its latest running watch, Polar M430, heart rate sensor, activity tracker and wearable sports technology specialist Polar has announced the availability of Continuous Heart Rate tracking on the M430 device. Polar M430 is available now for US$229/€229 at polar.com/M430.

24/7 Continuous Heart Rate

  • Continuous wrist-based heart rate automatically measures heart rate (at a minimum frequency of every five minutes) during rest and physical activity to deliver a complete picture of the day’s activity.
  • Recognizes when users move at higher levels of activity (e.g. walking, running) and will automatically measure heart rate at a higher resolution.
  • Detects periods of inactivity and captures resting heart rate.
  • Combines this daily data to provide guidance toward reaching activity goals, ‘which users may reach faster due to the new level of precision of Polar’s latest fusion of heart rate and activity algorithm.’
  • Detailed daily overview and heart rate variation is available in real-time in the Polar Flow App, which may show changes in heart rate linked not just to physical activity, but also emotion and stress.
  • With Polar Flow, users can examine their heart rate in motion and at rest, access Polar’s Smart Coaching features for additional guidance and gain feedback on specific activities with insights from Activity Benefit, Smart Calories and Training Benefit.

The Polar M430 Running Watch features Polar’s proprietary 6-LED wrist-based heart rate monitor as well as integrated GPS and personalized and adaptive training guidance for ‘serious, goal-driven runners’. Polar M430 also includes:

  • Polar Smart Coaching features such as daily activity, smart calories, HR zones, Training Load, Training Benefit and Running Index
  • Tracks metrics such as heart rate, speed, distance, pace, sleep and recovery
  • Delivers motivating, insightful feedback immediately after a run directly on the watch




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