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A sense of resistance: new Circuband iQ on Kickstarter

Circuband iQ

With a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign currently underway, Circuband iQ is a smart resistance band that uses ‘NASA grade sensors to record force output, repetitions and calories burnt.’ The company notes that the inclusion of the new sensors in the resistance band system allows athletes to monitor workouts and training with ‘precise detail, allowing you to tailor your regime to suit your required results.’

The training device attaches through a buckle system to an adjustable resistance band. Circuband iQ is a sensor that measures the force output, repetitions and calories burnt for a given exercise. Circuband’s resistance bands can generate up to 120lbs of force per handle. It can be used in a closed or open loop and with traditional gym equipment. An accompanying app gives users the ability to track resistance training and save progress data.


  • Can record hundreds of lbs of force while being extremely portable only weighing 2 lbs itself
  • Tracks every rep and shows users how to conduct each exercise
  • Use with weights equipment and app accommodates for changes in load (constant load+Band load allows athletes to compete with one another)
  • Share progress on social media, upload the results of a workout and share to Instagram
  • Trainers can now write programs using Circuband iQ and provide the tools that will allow clients to be monitored
  • Using bands is now commonplace but these are claimed to be a world first




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