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Aero and airy: new rh+Z Alpha helmet

Team Wanty-Groupe Gobert 2017

According to apparel and accessories specialist, rh+, its Z Alpha helmet ‘represents the best balance between aerodynamics and ventilation among the products available on the market today.’ The Z Alpha is the choice of Wanty-Groupe Gobert pro cycling team. It was designed in the rh+ Powerlogic Lab and tested in wind tunnel trials in order to ‘offer superior aerodynamic performance’.

According to rh+, the Powerlogic Lab team wanted to ‘go beyond the typical design features of second generation aerodynamic helmets, which until now have set the market standard for top range helmets created in wind tunnel trials… As a result, the Z Alpha came to life on the drawing board in the Powerlogic Lab as a third generation aerodynamic helmet.’

rh+ felt that the second generation aerodynamic helmets still represented some drawbacks in terms of ventilation, and therefore also thermal regulation. This was the starting point for the Powerlogic Lab team, which wanted to go beyond this technological limit. Following the initial design and prototype stage, the Z Alpha was tested in wind tunnel trials and was ‘proved to offer optimum performance in terms of both aerodynamics and ventilation’.

The Z Alpha helmet’s design balances the internal and external air currents at various angles. In an addition, the Z Alpha Cap ‘increases air flow speed, as well as guaranteeing aeration through the helmet, from front to back’. This is claimed to increase aerodynamics, particularly at speeds of 40 km/h and above, while also offering some protection from the elements. rh+ adds that this allows riders to regulate the level of ventilation and comfort depending on weather conditions.

A brand of the organization Zero Industry S.r.l., rh+ is based in Lentate sul Seveso, in the province of Monza, in Italy. It designs and produces technical apparel, helmets and goggles dedicated to the cyclist who is looking for ‘performance, uncompromising quality, design and Italian style.’ Zero Industry itself develops and sells products divided into four business units: Cycling, Snow, Eyewear and Urban. rh+ has an e-commerce site and an established international distribution network that covers 22 countries, spanning Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.




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