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Angel investor and relaunched Kickstarter campaign for FoodCell

FoodCell food carrier on Cervelo bike - side view

After only 10 days of an initial Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, new UK start-up FlowCell and its new aerodynamic food carrier, FoodCell, for the triathlon and cycling market, has snagged an angel investor.

FlowCell Founder and CEO, Dr Mark Tallon said, “We are very excited to have found a great investor with a real interest in the endurance market and who is 100% behind our vision of functional, beautifully designed and perfectly packaged sports products.”

The new investment from the unnamed investor has enabled a re-launch of FoodCell via its Kickstarter page with a lowered investment target of £20K. (This compares to the initial, significantly larger, campaign that had a target of £98,300.)

Once the new £20,000 target is reached, FlowCell will produce its first batch of FoodCell units. The FoodCell is a ‘bento box’, nutrition carrier that sits on a bike’s top tube. The new product has been making waves, with positive reviews and social media interest over the few weeks since its initial launch.

To get on board and help bring the FoodCell® into full production athletes can sign-up to purchase via Kickstarter.

FoodCell food carrier - detachable

FoodCell is billed as a first – a patent pending food carrier that has a unique ‘slider’ opening. The simple one finger opening aims to avoid ‘the problems with similar products on the market’ that may use zips or other closures.

FoodCell can be detached from the base unit with the press of a small button. This allows the main body of the FoodCell unit to be cleaned without having to undo Velcro straps or undo bolts that attach the product to the bike frame – seen as another market first.

Founded by nutritional biochemist and age group triathlete Dr Mark Tallon, FlowCell is dedicated to engineering effective solutions for endurance athletes. The UK FlowCell team are currently designing a selection of premium quality products for cyclists and triathletes to ‘ensure fuelling is delivered in an functional as well as aerodynamic format’. FoodCell is the first of three products that ‘relies on high quality materials and leading edge designs that have been tested in both lab and real world conditions to ensure all products are only of the highest specifications’.




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