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Are you sitting comfortably? Abbey Saddle Fit Kit System replicates bike saddle position

Abbey Saddle Fit Kit System replicates bike saddle position

Abbey Bike Tools has introduced its Fit Kit System – billed as ‘a compact, precise, and repeatable tool to aid in replicating all three aspects of saddle positioning (height, setback and angle) so you can perfectly dial in your bike, at home or on-the-go, all the time and anywhere.’

A release from Abbey Bike Tools notes that ‘It’s been said that Eddy ‘Mr Millimeter’ Merckx changed his saddle position 50 times on a brand new bike once because he couldn’t get it right. It’s this kind of madness the crew at Abbey have sought to eliminate with their new saddle Fit Kit because once you’ve found your perfect position you should be able to keep it.’

The system is aimed at traveling cyclists, pro mechanics, or ‘any bike shop with discerning clientele’. The Fit kit eliminates saddle discrepancies by consistently measuring from a fixed point to get the saddle to within +/- .5mm of a rider’s ideal position.

The key to the Fit Kit starts by basing all the measurements off a central, fixed position, the centre of the crank. The kit comes equipped with magnetic ‘bullets’ that fix themselves into crank arm fixing bolts or the preload cap on the non-drive arm on a Shimano crank and hook securely onto the end of any tape measure with a lip. From there all measurements can be made to various points on the plate that is secured on top of the saddle.

Located in Bend, Oregon, Abbey Bike Tools has a mission to ‘build the best quality bicycle tools on the market’. Made for mechanics and aficionados alike, Abbey prides itself in making some of the highest quality precision and innovative tools.




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