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Argon 18 thinking smart with Notio Technologies spin-off

Notio Konect stick - photo Argon 18

Canadian bike brand Argon 18 has announced the launch of Notio Konect evolving its 2016 Smart Bike Prototype, which debuted at last year’s Eurobike trade show. Notio Konect, the first cutting edge innovation of the newly launched company Notio Technologies, was presented at the Argon 18 booth at Eurobike last week.

Following last season’s prototype launch of the Smart Bike technology, Argon 18 has developed Notio Technologies, a subsidiary dedicated to R&D, innovation, performance and excellence within the bicycle technology industry sector.

Notio Konect is a device for all bicycle brands that combines measurements from eight families of data to ‘revolutionize the rider analytics relationship to performance and comfort’. A unique functionality of the Notio Konect is real time accurate data in a useable and understandable format in addition to post-race analysis capabilities.

Notio Konect technology was developed using detailed testing with professional and high-performance athletes, including the Astana Pro Team during this year’s Tour de France along with various coaching companies and recreational teams. This cross-platform testing has helped the company create a diverse demographic understanding of the data requirements of various levels of athletes in multiple endurance sports.



“In today’s industry, there are so many metrics and methods to foster a relationship between the rider and the bike,” said Gervais Rioux, President and founder of Argon 18. “But the disconnect was the way to gather, analyze and then use all this data in a way that a rider could benefit from all the various numbers and readings. Notio Konect was developed to build a strong relationship between the rider and bike, to go faster, to be efficient and improve your global riding performance.

“We have created products to gather the numbers, bring them together so one can understand them and gain a complete riding analysis.”

Notio Technologies plans to market various advanced, high-end products, targeting professional teams and high-level endurance athletes as well as bring to market products that create and build the relationship between rider and bicycle on a recreational and fitness level. Product line includes models developed for coaches, teams and fit studios.

“Notio offers a 360 degree view of the data and a 360 degree view of the process, from setting goals to planning to executing and monitoring along sharing and collaborating,” said Marc Graveline, CEO of Notio Technologies. “Notio takes these views of data and cohesively brings together the metrics into a useable and relatable format for all levels of athletes, ranging from the world’s top professionals to fanatics and enthusiasts.”

Notio Technologies, a subsidiary of Argon 18, is a cycling technology accessory company based in Montreal, Canada. Created to foster a better relationship between rider and the bicycle, Notio develops unique technologies to gather analysis and interpret data for all levels of cyclists.




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